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As evidenced by recent events, it is a well-known fact that space debris is a growing threat to operations in space. The proliferation of satellite swarms and constellations is exponentially adding to the danger of catastrophic mission failure or debris scattering. Additionally,

Almost twelve years after India’s 1st lunar exploration mission, India bounced back towards the moon with Chandrayaan-2. It was launched in an attempt to deploy a rover on the lunar surface. ISRO had attempted to give the craft a controlled and soft landing.

This conceptual design is one of the futuristic designs in my thoughts.

My design is for an E- VTOL ( ELECTRIC- VERTICAL TAKE OFF LANDING) Vehicle, which can operate in small areas, without using a runway. Takeoff and landing is done at the same place using turbopropellers,

Our design idea solves the problem of providing a means to construct a double layered, expandable dynamic spaceframe, which can transform from one freeform to another, whilst remaining rigid and load bearing throughout its transformation.

An ecological & energized module (EEM) living underlying and fundamental system, which can be typically laid on roofs and almost all the non-roof places and public areas, such as freeways, roads, streets, avenues, pedestrian zones, sidewalks, plazas, courtyards, and corridors.

Reliability and endurance are of paramount importance for propeller driven aircraft. Electric motors are more reliable than internal combustion engines, yet also have new failure modes. The EnergySense aircraft propulsion system was created to address these new failure modes and increase endurance, or range, simultaneously.

Viscoelastic materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives are used as constrained damping layers in a variety of applications. Historically, materials such as foams and acrylic and rubber adhesives have been popular choices. However, in the aerospace and defense markets, innovation is occurring at a rapid pace. For example,


SPHERICAL SECTORS [Spherical Caps and Cones] R1 Earth’s Radius
Spherical Sectors [ LO΄WP΄M], [O΄WP΄] and [OSP].F(N) Gravitational Field Lines of Force passing via Caps.N Lines Emanate from K [ Earth’s Center f Gravity ].
N Lines pass,

Gliding is a quite sophisticated aeronautical sport practiced in many countries. Although being a bridge for professional pilots training, it is not a popular sport due to its complex operation, high costs and one reason is the use of planes to launch and tow the gliders.

Our drone is all about situational awareness. See everything in 8K 360 degree video.

The Hawk21 was designed with the professional high end content producer in mind, in TV productions, cinematography, documentary, commercial and PR productions, inspections and surveillance,

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