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Introduction/ Inspiration: Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a high intensity laser pulsed for ns (nanoseconds) to form a plasma and atomize a local point on a material sample. When the laser is discharged it ablates a very small amount of material, in the range of nanograms to picograms,

The airblast fuel nozzle is a critically important element that decided the fuel atomisation quality. The droplet size determined the evaporation rate and the combustion efficiency, and pollution formation.

I've developed a set of gloves for future space suits. I'm showing a demonstration video of the early stages of the glove. It works very well and many upgrade have made it even better.

It is seen at the time of a cyclone that the wave of sea is crossing the guard wall and creating a flood. To prevent a flood from this reason the height of the sea guard wall must be increased.

The main purpose of project prObe is to design and develop a next-gen aerial autonomous robotic platform (UAV), for extreme and challenging environments. Capable of undertaking high quality data acquisition activities, for inspection and decision-making operations.

Ransomware detection service.

This technology detects the proliferation of ransomwares as malwares that are infecting and disrupting the global cyber infrastructure.

Example: A contest such as Create the Future Design contest brews. First prize winners are presented with state of the art “Laptops and Windows 11 PCs.

Hello everyone. I present you a project to recover technologies to be used for aerospace vehicles for land-moon transport and for trips within the solar system.

The E-3 radar aircraft is large, slow and full of expensively trained humans. My idea to to take the already prototyped X-47 B drone and modify it into the Battle Raven concept.

The Retro Reflection Panel works like a mirror. Assume you are in a battlefield and you want to do the job in stealth mode without the enemies knowing your presence. With the help of Retro Reflection Panels installed on you jet or any other aircraft,

Romax, a single stage suborbital vehicle long distance delivery solution.

Imagine a Reno Air racer flying straight up into the sky with a rocket motor built into it. Now light that candle and you've got an idea as to how and why Romax works.

Romax ascends like a fast rising drone,

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