Aerospace & Defense

A short-range, portable, and surface to surface missile may have missed striking the target, due to the lack of an auto-guidance system. This would cause more offensive and defensive strikes, which leads to the loss of our soldiers.

I want to reduce airplane loss of control accidents. While most general aviation accidents have lessened in recent decades, loss of control has not improved. Some accidents happen because the flyer's imagination does not match reality. Since the air is invisible, our imaginations could be wrong.

A space based system to accelerate or de-accelerate a spacecraft in space, said system comprising: one or more sections of magnetic coils configured as a conduit with a flightpath therethrough for the spacecraft,

The Light Airship concept is an innovative relaunch of the Dirigible/Airship technology retrofitted with cutting edge modern technology to make it very reliable and the most eco-friendly mode of transport.

System for managing the route of unmanned aerial vehicles (RMS)

The proposed system aims to help ensure the safe movement of UAVs at infrastructure facilities where it is currently illegal for UAVs to fly, including airports.

Description of the RMS

Based on the system’s operating principle,

Teleportation, or the ability to instantly move people and objects from one place to another, can easily change the direction of the development of civilization. Teleportation of physical objects without violating the fundamental laws of physics, without using exotic masses, energy, warp drive,

The Ring
An optimized spaceship for the 21st century

Up to now spaceships were conditioned by missile shapes, with multistage launchers and relatively small payload capability conditioned by the cylindrical fairing dimensions. Such conditions could be drastically changed by a proposed new vehicle with a different shape: the ring.

Air-Bags-Propulsion-Systems (ABPS) has extended its long stroke ejection technologies (soft mortar) into a versatile soft launching system that can be used to launch missiles with all their aerodynamic surfaces fully deployed, air vehicles such as UAVs and other odd shaped projectiles from boxes and rail systems.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a little experiment of how to develop a Star Wars cannon type ion turbo laser. The critical phase of each laser created is the pumping phase, that is the phase that allows the irradiation of photons in phase.

Current drone flight approval and evaluation is frustrating both for authorities and drone operators as well. Every single flight plan consumes roughly 40 man hours to the authorities and spans within a week or two limiting scalability.

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