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From WW II and later, also from its use as rotor tip power in some helicopters, we know Ramjets could have a use in certain applications where fuel economy is not first requirement.

Two concepts invented for delivering cargo to the lunar surface: OPLONAS (Oversized Payload Lander On Non-Atmospheric Somata) and MACEDONAS (Momentum Absorption Catcher for Express Delivery on Non-Atmospheric Somata). The second can derive from the first by scavenging the flexible elements of OPLONAS,

Do you remember when you were young and wanted to fly an airplane? Do you remember flying with your hand? Twisting your wrist to climb and dive, bank and turn? It was so easy to feel yourself in a cockpit, zipping through the clouds.

Orbiter mid deck is circular. Its floor has a spheric section curve of very large radius, as if it were a piece of a giant sphere hundreds of feet in diameter. Its imaginary center of revolution is hundreds of feet above.

Deck revolves,

My lengthy searching of Plato's works, resulting in the Discovered Invention of a New Polyhedron the “GENERATOR POLYHEDRON” [2017 –a Non-Regular Icosahedron, Relating the 5 Platonic Polyhedron] together with my own parallel considerations and questions for the actions and mechanisms of the Galactic Spirals,

Turbine jet engine designing and manufacturing. I am into aviation industry designing, manufacturing and deployment of UAVs and related products. My customers include engineering students, universities, defense, police and hobby enthusiasts. I started in this field 5 years back with many, many customers.

In order for a jet engine to become multistage it must have a multistage afterburner or a multistage combustor. In order for a combustor to become multistage it must actually operate through the combination of uninterrupted and pulsating combustion.

Use atmospheric water generator powering by solar cells;

Then use a small nuclear reactor to convert water to steam to power an electric generator;

Re-condense water vapor into water using heat exchangers;

Use the electricity to power two fan duct motosr to push it onwards.

This is a concept for a new type of gas turbine engine that was designed for turbo electric power generation for hybrid aircraft, ie commercial airliners. The main idea was to reduce the cost,

The objective of this research is to design and analyze a semi-tangential ogive bullet using computer-aided design & Computational Fluid Dynamics. There has been a quite steady increase in the research of bullet design in the past few decades.

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