CryoRAC is a proposed design for an innovative air conditioning system that works on radiative cooling utilizing cryogenic liquids. The radiation mode of heat transfer is an easier method of cooling compared to convection mode as in the traditional air conditioner. Radiative cooling provides preferential cooling for hotter objects.

1 ton of coated magazine paper consumes over 15 trees and 1 ream of paper (which is 500 sheets), and will use 5% of a tree to be manufactured. When you consider how many magazines, newspapers and office papers are used or printed and distributed across the world,

Aluminum is the most cost-effective conductor of electricity available. It can carry electrical current for less than 15% the cost of carrying the same current, using copper. However,

Extending broadband internet services, especially to rural areas, is growing in demand.

One approach to addressing this demand is to extend cellular networks by erecting new cell towers in rural areas.

Yet towers, wind turbine towers, are being erected, at ever increasing rates,

The laboratory diagnosis of malaria has changed little in over 100 years. A finger stick is made and a smear on a glass slide is made and stained and a technologist then uses a microscope to scan over the whole smear which may take up to 15 minutes.

The Retro Reflection Panel works like a mirror. Assume you are in a battlefield and you want to do the job in stealth mode without the enemies knowing your presence. With the help of Retro Reflection Panels installed on you jet or any other aircraft,

To measure, record, and analyze the vibration and movements of the earth, structures, as well as exploration of underground reserves and study the behavior of the structure of the earth layers, this sensor was designed.

Various methods such as changes in resistance, capacitance or electrical induction,

The main idea in this entry was to introduce a methodology and concludingly an optimized geometry for a commercial reactive muffler for noise reduction in auto applications. Due to a large number of variables (geometrical and mode) involving in the topology optimization of the common commercial mufflers,

In road transport, on ships and diesel locomotives, a significant share in the cost of production is the cost of fuel (over 30%). Measures to control its overspending are reduced by the installation of flow sensors/meters, which allows you to state the fact of overspending, to record theft,

It is a conveyor belt that transports a product from one belt to another at 90°

This design was built for the exit of a cooling tunnel for frozen chocolates, where there was practically no space.

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