Current shock absorbing technology uses either a foam or gel material. While both are soft and flexible, unless used in a thick manner, they will under time and pressure flatten out resulting in a hard surface.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a little experiment of how to develop a Star Wars cannon type ion turbo laser. The critical phase of each laser created is the pumping phase, that is the phase that allows the irradiation of photons in phase.

Our project idea is to create an application that will act as a hub for the agricultural activities of a region. Currently, the agriculture sector is facing a severe crisis as a result of recent regulatory changes. These changes have abolished the Open Markets,

Viscoelastic materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives are used as constrained damping layers in a variety of applications. Historically, materials such as foams and acrylic and rubber adhesives have been popular choices. However, in the aerospace and defense markets, innovation is occurring at a rapid pace. For example,

The “Comet Towed Ion Propelled Spacecraft” is a concept design for a spacecraft utilizing a combination of modified solar power arrays (for onboard energy production) and ion propulsion thrusters (for thrust and speed),

Our breakthrough low-emissions diesel combustion system has been shown in detailed modeling to be capable of providing clean, pre-mixed combustion on diesel fuel at a stable and appropriate timing of ignition (without pre-ignition). Unlike in standard diesels,

Minoxy is an art affordable hermetically sealed preservation enclosure display system that preserves art and artifacts in an oxygen-free and pollution-free atmosphere that can be used by a novice collector, museum, or archive. The enclosure also protects the contents from ultra-violet exposure, air pollution, and moisture.

Many Atlantic hurricanes start to take shape when thunderstorms along the west coast of Africa drift out over warm ocean waters that are at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), where they encounter converging winds from around the equator.

There are many phenomenon either natural or human made that destroy public properties like power line poles and sometimes the combination of both reasons will also bring high destruction. Recent recorded phenomena that have been well known for destruction of those properties are vehicle accidents, hurricanes and flooding, construction,


To track Sargassum’s ocean path the Optical Oceanography Laboratory is currently using the Sargassum Watch System (SaWS) which is designed to use satellite data and numerical models to detect and track pelagic Sargassum in near-real time. The raw satellite data are provided by the U.S.

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