The portable oxygen concentrator is a great technology, blessing thousands with the opportunity to remain active and functional with their breathing disease. However, as a user requiring 24/7 oxygen, I can attest that these devices are far from perfect.


The present study is based on the growing need to seek alternative water supply sources, taking into account the increase in consumption and the scarcity of drinking water that affects several regions of the world. For this purpose,

"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been. - Albert Einstein.

Einstein relative energy: "When a vehicle is in motion the wind sheer passing by the vehicle can be converted to torque and on to wild AC".

This is a concept for a non-stick car seat "horn" to help get in and out of a car. After a lengthy hospital stay, my mobility was impaired. When I got into my car or any car, my clothes would stick to the seat fabric.

ROSINA (RObotic System for INtubAtion) is a robotic system to guide the introduction of a fiberscope into the airways of a patient, avoiding damage and in the meantime separating the doctor from the patient, useful in the pandemic period.

Have you seen the latest documentary “SEASPIRACY” on Netflix? If you did not watch it, you probably need to see it if you have any intention of saving the world. From the moment I saw it which is few days ago,

Ceramics have been integral in the aerospace industry due to their low-density, high compressive strength and thermal stability. However, their range of applications currently remains limited due to their generally brittle fracture behavior. Structures in nature, such as mollusk shells and enamels, have unusual combinations of stiffness, strength,

TOP-Racing is a world league of professional racing of light motor vehicles that is open to any kind of technology you can bring! Having real fun while creating efficient technology is the key idea. You, as a competitor,

OBI-USA/OBI-México developed a NEW TRANSFORMATIONAL commercial metallic dental implant coated with a unique best biocompatible (because it is made of carbon atoms-element of life in the human DNA, cells, and molecules) / body fluids corrosion resistant / LOW-COST production Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCDTM) coating.

The E-3 radar aircraft is large, slow and full of expensively trained humans. My idea to to take the already prototyped X-47 B drone and modify it into the Battle Raven concept.

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