The EMED ElectroMagnetic Electricity Device is a simple device that produces more energy that you put in, based in factual laws of physics this machine can produce enough energy for it to work by itself.

Modern times demand a customized shopping experience for the time/budget savvy shoppers. A price check scanner is a common sight in many grocery stores/departmental stores. However in large consumer areas finding such devices and subsequently scanning the intended item is not exactly the most enjoyable shopping task.


During the last decade, the commercial drone industry has grown exponentially. Even though the hardware has improved significantly during that time, drones are still limited by their battery life of 10-20 minutes. Such limited flight time restricts their use in many applications, such as search and rescue, delivery,

The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly storage technologies. Water electrolysis and the associated power-to-gas technology for regenerative hydrocarbon generation principally meet these requirements, but have conversion efficiencies that are poor compared to batteries.

The current enclosure of the prototype antenna is somewhat brittle. Replacing the "tube" with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene would make for a much stronger and more reliable enclosure. According to US Plastics of Lima, Ohio, USA; as long as you use virgin UHMW PE,

I was watching some youths kick a P.V.C. football very hard against the wall of a building.

The ball was never damaged and ended up quite a distance away. This gave me an idea for a very accident resistant vehicle.

withINSPIRED is a line of personalized clothing that has inspirational words or phrases printed on the inside of the shirt. This is a little out of the box for this contest, but we thought it was worth entering because inspiration for designs,

We are all worried that we are putting too much CO2 into the air and warming the planet. Unfortunately almost all of our waste handling systems concentrate on rotting, burning, and fragmenting a lot of hydrocarbon based products, which will put even more CO2 into the air.

We need to redeploy the human workforce for sustainability.

Current drone flight approval and evaluation is frustrating both for authorities and drone operators as well. Every single flight plan consumes roughly 40 man hours to the authorities and spans within a week or two limiting scalability.

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