Consumer Product Design

To extract professional-quality espresso, it requires 20Bar(290psi) pressure. And, mechanically it requires a water pump to disperse the hot water onto ground coffee.

In a conventional espresso-making apparatus, electric-powered water pumps for indoor use, and hand-pump-powered espresso makers have been widely used. However,

Airborne transmission of respiratory pathogens such as COVID and Influenza is a major concern, especially within confined indoor environments with multiple occupants: shared work offices, call centers, classrooms, theaters, etc. There is a high risk of cross-infection in these enclosed environments,

Climate change is an urgent global challenge, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from metal production contribute to a substantial part of total emissions. However,

ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision by Dan Mathias.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers push forward to reach greater achievements. The pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism.

Expandable tubing grid resides on pool floor, ready to be inflated to lift potentially drowning person above water surface. One or more poolside emergency stations are provided, displaying appropriate signage instructing bystander(s) to press Life-Saver button to lift potentially drowning person to surface.

Fall detection is a major challenge in the public healthcare domain, especially in cases of hearing loss which makes people less aware of their environment, so they don’t notice other people, pets or activities going on around them. In addition, hearing loss can decrease spatial awareness. Finally,

Recently granted US Patent 11,338,884 being a C-I-P application of 11,021,207 represents the world's most economical and efficient cantilever style bicycle brake.

The intellectual property is available for sale and/or licensing.

It is fully understood that as most bicycle brakes,

This device uses water and brushes to clean shoes. You place your shoe in the device and turn the water on and then move your shoe from front to back to clean the bottom and sides of the shoe.

Born from a desire to build the best damn camper known to man, the TOPO2 is a premium teardrop trailer that doesn’t ask you to choose adventure over comfort.

The stunning exterior of the TOPO2 is made of a single-piece composite fiberglass shell.

Sometimes innovation may seem so simple but is truly groundbreaking for the way everyone can now interact with something so familiar and achieve so much more success, more fun than ever before.

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