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Electricity access for Africa is just over 40%. This means that over 640 million Africans lack access to electricity. For the ones who do, it is usually unstable. Lack of electricity access results in huge economic losses. In Nigeria alone,

As global warming increases, renewables are becoming a solution to provide the world with electricity while limiting the effect of fossil fuels emissions. Streetlights on highways are sources of electricity usage that consume a significant amount of energy.


It is time to start a world wide electrical grid. A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a world wide electrical grid now.

Valve leaks are one of industry’s most critical problems, impacting the environment, safety, and finances of end users. Valve leaks account for 60% of Fugitive Emissions, defined as rogue emissions not anticipated or routed through normal exhaust vents or smokestacks. 80% of valve leaks occur at the stem seal.

Today there are only two solutions to energy storage for discharge times between two hours and twelve hours – lead-acid and lithium-based batteries. Lead-acid batteries have been used for over 150 years. Though dependable,

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