Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy

Thorough studies over more than 50 years on a large number of materials have evidenced their composite structure. In particular, water and aqueous solutions contain a specific inductive element able to exchange energy with Human Mental Field (HMF) and Bio-fields (BF) generated by flora and fauna.

The economic impact of having to abandon reciprocal engines and purchase new electric vehicles will generally have an economic impact in all sectors; for disadvantaged communities and some industries, the impact could be devastating. We propose a zero-carbon alternative.

The Present Invention Breaks New Ground in Physics, as it is an Apparatus that Will Demonstrate that Positrons can be generated quite easily in Real Time,

This invention is a new kind of electrical generator and electrical motor that redefines our basic understanding of power generation and utilization of the generated power by providing an efficient power output far more than current generators and motors design.

If we are to stop burning fossil fuels by the middle of the century, the gas industry will need some other form of activity. It should be possible to collect some of the methane that is being given off by areas of permafrost that are now melting.

Aabey LLC’s mission is to address global food scarcity by fusing 2 innovative industries, technology and agriculture.

It is a minority-owned startup trying to bridge the gap between Technology and Hydroponics, by integrating IIoT design methodologies that transform age-old farming processes into environmentally friendly smart-hydroponic greenhouses.

SUMMARIZE: I developed a device with the Arduino MKR WAN 1300, which helps me to monitor the quality of water and air in the ecological reserve of my community.


I live on the shores of a big city, and there're still ecological reserves with natural lakes.

1st Picture: Multiplying Hydroelectric Dam’s Water Forces Many Times To Generate Electricity
ZERO-Carbon Goals Of Governments Can Be Reached. Battery Replacement Option.

2nd Picture: Hydroelectric Dam Turbines (Left) divide water up into 16-Liquid-Units between 16-Blades,

Invent the future NEO light

Today’s lighting technology is almost 100 years old depending on continuous energizing of lighting element. Quantum electro dynamic energy is proven to increase efficiency of tungsten incandescent lamps 96%.

The primary goal of this concept is to provide an efficient means to capture energy that is produced offshore during off peak times for later use. It would employ a wind or solar powered compressor to condense a refrigerant at high pressures,

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