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Individual device/appliance backup power unit with Rechargeable battery (BUPURB).

Utilizing a small product package, I see the need for a small (i.e., USB cube, smartphone, or multi plug strip size) and inexpensive ($10) rather than a large centralized generator or large battery unit for powering everything costing $1000's.

A designed product that uses readily available waste (plastic and biomass) and converts them to useful biofuels thus reducing environmental pollution, global warming and climate disorder.


An economical, simple, and elegant solar-panel protection and cleaning solution involving a smart, UV resistant, waterproof, retractable cover with micro-fiber pads beneath removes dust along the slope of the panel.

1. Description

Take advantage of the 12,900 km3 of water vapor that exists in the atmosphere in the form of water vapor or mist based on the condensation of water vapor as water nursery (released by plant transpiration and also from the soil, vegetation, lakes,

Every day we consume a lot of energy to heat our homes. The cost of that energy is rising by the year. In order to save money, I offer to use a heating system with together solar collectors.

Problem Statement: The solar industry struggles with fire. Historically underreported by the U.S. Fire Administration, fires at solar installations rose 36% from 2017 to 2018, with residential installations representing the majority of fires. Every year, arcing faults are responsible for 30,000 fires in the US,

A modular solar tower thermal air heating system that heats incoming air twice and also heats a thermal mass that provides heat during night hours . The Solar Tower system is for greenhouses, farm buildings, industrial, commercial buildings , schools, residential and summer cottages.

The main drawback of electric cars is the long time it takes to recharge their battery pack.

At night they must be recharged at home and during the day at the few recharging points available throughout the city.

Vegetable oils are abundant and not very expensive renewable raw materials. Soybean oil is one of the most attractive. More than 20 billion pounds of soybean oils are produced annually in the United States. Less than 600 million pounds of them are used for industrial application.


A swarm of drone devices are places in orbit between the plane and sun. 1 km reflective shield array of sufficient size and numbers to make the desired impact on the amount of warming radiation reaching the planet’s surface. The swarm is computer controlled,

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