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The team at EnKoat have created thermal regulating paint to improve the energy efficiency and thermal resilience of both residential and commercial buildings. By integrating our patent-pending adaptive materials technology into waterborne acrylic paint,

On the ocean coast, in hot countries, there may not be enough drinking water.

Creating an additional source of drinking water without using electric energy. The use of the energy of ocean tides and castings.

Creating a tidal metal greenhouse near the ocean.

Planet Saturn has 82 moons. Titan in the Saturnian cluster of moons is perhaps the most intriguing of all. It has an Earth-like golden hazy atmosphere and a very low gravity [1.35 m/s*s].

My creation for the future design is a tree generator system that generates electricity Through kinetic movement and wind generating from windy weather conditions and light winds. This new tech is effective when there’s no solar energy from the sun.

I was working on figuring out a way to protect trees sited in conflict zones that have bullet holes on their stem from deadliest pathogens entering through the holes. While I was developing very practical solutions, I remembered about the Hawaii ROD fungus killing the ohia trees (

Solar power is the fastest growing sector of the global clean energy market, presenting one of the most promising solutions to counter the negative effects of climate change. Photovoltaic (PV) power plants are the most widely utilized type of solar energy generation.

Generating additional force by morphing of rigid sails will provide a significant advantage in reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Shipping is a major contributor of emissions (pollutants) such as greenhouse gases and VForce® technology reduces this and helps save the earth’s finite resources.

Solute ion linear alignment (SILA) can be applied to treat wastewater while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and desalinating sea water.

1st Picture: ALL H2O Absorbs Solar Energy Adding Proton Electric-Energy H3O+. Liquid WATER Is An Energy Source

Water (H3O) Molecule Charge:
The water molecule is neutral. Oxygen has a charge of minus two, while each of the hydrogen atoms has a plus one charge.

The Wave’s inertial electric generator (WIEG) is a small linear electric generator in which a part is moving almost continuously based on a special sealed construction of some cylinder (with a Donut Fixed Neodymium Magnet) in cylinder (with double walls inside the copper coils to collect the generated current)

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