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E-Code is an original smart irrigation system that uses an amalgamation of technology in order to save water. In short, E-Code works to optimize water usage while minimizing consumer costs!

All Alchemist784™ technologies systems employed within EARTHGRID™ are closed-loop 'cradle2cradle' configurations by intentional design to create sustainability and increase and maximize opportunities for re-harvest/re-use of the waste energies within the processes. Functionality involves use of several complex sciences orchestrated through our proprietary algorithms.

ECOGROUND(TM) waterborne adhesives are two-component products developed with waterborne acrylic emulsions and functional additives. They are designed to replace the conventional solvent or solvent-free polyurethane (PU) adhesives for eco-friendly sports surface installation, e.g. running track, playground, jogging lane and ball court.

My proposal is that we install turbines on city water lines to generate electricity since there is a constant flow of water. The turbines cam be placed at various locations throughout the city to provide electricity to power stations for electric cars.

I am working on an Energy Harvesting Uninterruptable Power Supply (eHUPS) to increase capabilities for advanced test facilities. This innovation incorporates renewable energy technologies to dramatically enhance UPS system applications over a wide range of market sectors.

Increased capabilities:
UPS systems are widely used for critical equipment resilience.

Energy is mostly derived from fossil fuels and renewable resources are neglected. Combustion of material is a very common system of releasing energy.

The reciprocal (piston) engine has taken over the world of transportation and mobile machines but this design has been developed for the combustion of liquid fuels.

Wildfires cause billions of dollars in property damage and loss of life in the United Stares, Europe and worldwide. Many people all over the world are building their homes in woodland settings and rural areas to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Unfortunately, these areas are also wildfire-prone. Often,

Flooding is impossible to avoid completely. And as extreme flood events continue to increase in number and frequency, more communities are becoming vulnerable. One of the severe flooding is flash floods. Flash floods tend to be associated with many types of storms,

The high cost of carbon nanotube (CNT) materials stifles broader access to energy applications. Also, CNTs are mainly produced in Asia, whilst the majority of customers are in Europe or the USA, implying large shipping costs and potential for supply chain disruption. In addition,

The project consists of using the current demanded by the cities and using it for the generation of hydrogen using current to voltage transformers.

The amount of hydrogen generated by this system will depend on the consumption of the electrical network and the capacity of the current transformers.

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