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We have developed technologies to capture and process plastics from the open ocean and rivers. Our technology is unique in that it is minimally invasive, which is a very important aspect of working in the ecologies needed to be cleaned. As an added benefit, the captured carbons,

Pollution is a powerful thing. It's hard to manage and is very bad for our Earth. My solution to this problem is a very sturdy machine I call a garbage disposal. It's built from 9 different motors just to turn into 3 different motors.

Mr. Richard Phillips Feynman, a famous scientist, introduced a Brownian ratchet in his book “The Feynman Lectures on Physics” (see Figure 1). The Brownian ratchet is also referred to as Feynman’s ratchet, Feynman’s thermal ratchet and the like.

I have invented a Thermoelectric Generator with electrical power of 5,000 watts AC. The generator is the size of a bread box and weight is 15lbs. It is made of bismuth-tellurium P&N semiconductors arranged in a circular or square Thermopile. I researched,

The POWERBLoK system can replace the Lead, Cobalt, Cadmium, and Lithium used in common batteries with no thermal runaway risks.

Additionally per the 01/26/21 Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) assessment of the UCAP Power POWERBLoK,

Many countries of the world are using underground water extensively. We mostly use this water for drinking or watering crops. The proposed project considers the possibility of obtaining electricity from the groundwater used.

Unlike animals, plants lack a metabolically active pump like the heart to move fluid in their vascular system. Instead, water movement is passively driven by pressure and chemical potential gradients.

1st Picture: FIG 2 illustrates a side view of water waves 1 forcing a float 2 up and down reciprocating a Scotch Yoke mechanism 12 that is forced into motion by the water waves 1 moving under a floating structure 2 connected to the reciprocating motion mechanism comprised of:

The air mining and purification device consists in a tower (like an electric tower) that has a turbo fan that is moved by the wind.

Energy production, bio-oil and electricity, from biomass out of sustainable forest. Fossil fuels substitution by bio-oil refining to bio-diesel.

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