This revolutionary rotary engine combines a simple structure and 2 cycle efficiency. The engine is composed of very few parts with no moving valves and no reciprocating pistons. It could be adapted to run on clean energy sources such as Hydrogen.

Recently granted US Patent 11,338,884 being a C-I-P application of 11,021,207 represents the world's most economical and efficient cantilever style bicycle brake.

The intellectual property is available for sale and/or licensing.

It is fully understood that as most bicycle brakes,

We present the electrocar designed for both personal and commercial use. We consider it to be a commercially viable project as we have already built the prototype and successfully presented it at the local exhibitions and forums.

Evera is inspired by aesthetics of future,

The idea is to design an RFID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM for industries, colleges, and schools where a large group of people gather. The need for this device is brought up due its automated effectiveness.

Sleeping eye pads and sleeping band for head that have integrated speakers, microphones, heart rate sensor and 3-axis G sensor.

Speakers could be connected with phone by bluetooth to lookup on your health when you sleep.

A multifunctional soil testing device is used to increase the yield of agricultural goods. By analyzing the soil's subsistence, this device assists in reducing the amount of fertilizer used while increasing the yield of highly nutritious food crops.

In this project we controlled our appliances without using the internet with the help of Wi-Fi module (ESP8266)

In this project we have created home automation without using internet where the home appliances

Designing a vehicle tracking system which can work effectively, accurately and reliably is emerging in many areas. Such a system commonly uses GPS technology to determine location of the vehicle.

This device uses water and brushes to clean shoes. You place your shoe in the device and turn the water on and then move your shoe from front to back to clean the bottom and sides of the shoe.

Now is the time to build new infrastructure and transform the way we travel. Engineers are creating autonomous self-driving vehicles that could produce a transit service that is convenient and low-cost. Combine that with the emergence of electric vehicles of all types,

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