The UNFCCC Paris Accords have a Climate Neutral Now Initiative program that all vehicles could contribute to; now. One might believe that vehicles can't participate until all issues of battery capacity, renewable electricity generation and distribution infrastructure are in place... However,

Need of the proposed product:

A healthy or well conditioned machine produces dimensionally accurate high quality products. Undesirable conditions during machining produces tool chatter, wear and breakage consequently leading to reduced tool life and poor quality. Thus,

Expandable tubing grid resides on pool floor, ready to be inflated to lift potentially drowning person above water surface. One or more poolside emergency stations are provided, displaying appropriate signage instructing bystander(s) to press Life-Saver button to lift potentially drowning person to surface.

High Impact Crisis Unit’s mission is to act in harmony with first responders, meeting the needs of the world’s humanitarian housing crisis. HICU is offering a continuity plan and safe haven for those in need within a distressed community.

This idea comes from our web article “Turbocharged Zhou Engine,” and our invention PCT/CA2014050106 (Japan granted JP6574447, and other countries are patent-pending). So we are working on it.

This invention, Zhou Engine, is an IC engine also a combustor.

This design is a convenient and low cast transport means. It is powered by electricity and no carbon emission. Reference Figure 1, this design comprises one wheel with a hub motor, one operating-pedal, one fixed-pedal, one seat, one telescopic handle, battery pack and electrocircuit.

Fall detection is a major challenge in the public healthcare domain, especially in cases of hearing loss which makes people less aware of their environment, so they don’t notice other people, pets or activities going on around them. In addition, hearing loss can decrease spatial awareness. Finally,

Robotics is a part of today's communication. Nowadays many industries are using robots, due to their high level of performance, which is a great help for humans society. Likewise in many industries, we have seen that heavy components which they have to move from one place to another place,


An economical, simple, and elegant solar-panel protection and cleaning solution involving a smart, UV resistant, waterproof, retractable cover with micro-fiber pads beneath removes dust along the slope of the panel.

I am working on developing biodegradable environmental sensors from RFID-based technology. These sensors can be deployed in an area where they will expand to full size and be able to measure certain environmental parameters.

In particular,

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