My creation for the future design is a tree generator system that generates electricity Through kinetic movement and wind generating from windy weather conditions and light winds. This new tech is effective when there’s no solar energy from the sun.

Using the plasma control technologies from Tokamak fusion reactors, my new scramjet engine design can propel an aircraft from a runway and accelerate to hypersonic speeds (> Mach 6) using hydrogen or other combustible fuels.

Medical assistance was, is and will always be needed – now we arrived at a stage when we can begin to work on the next step – preventive medicine, with the purpose of making this preventive medicine so advanced, that no sickness will reach people.

Mathematics, science and technology,

The brain is organized according to tracts, and damage to those tracts has been implicated in almost all neurological and psychiatric diseases. Neuromodulation can be done surgically (with deep brain stimulation) but this is invasive, expensive, and can only be done at one location at a time.

First to IOT market, with secured Wireless Neural Network (WNN).

Software Defined-Secure Wireless Virtual Private Network (SD-SWVPN).
Secure Wireless Sensor/SCADA reliability and thruput.
Secure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition VPN for IOT Networking.

Provides people, computers, LANs,

Our project will provide an optimum solution to this drawback.

A crash sensor can be used as a crash or rollover detector of the vehicle during and after a crash and we used a fire detection sensor for detecting fire accident.

A) Problem Statement:
The world is facing a major crisis to handle COVID-19, considering following key problems of our society:

Worldwide pandemic 

Exponential spread & growth of COVID-19 positive cases, deaths and its fear &

Introducing gym equipment designed for those who want to flex/exercise while seating.

Flex'em is designed to offer the users a rhythmic range of movements that leads to an increase in heart rate, and in turn, helps you to burn calories through their purpose of movements.

Reducing cost is one of the important issues for every drone logistics companies. However, most drone logistics systems on the market are too costly to become widely used. Also,

Solar fixation of nitrogen and hydrogen is a means to make local producers independent of price movements in oil commodities.  It allows producers to add nitrogen to their farm systems in a gaseous form in the ppm levels which increases yields as well the overall health of the farm.

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