failure to protect touch screen, LCD breakage, total water-proofing,
ULTIMATE prevention of dust/ dirty accumulating on the touch screen,

The Eternium long range multi-role fuel cell electric aircraft and liquid hydrogen fuel production system consists of several patent-pending and novel engineering advances that make long-range (3200nm) electric flight possible. This system is based around our high power density patent-pending Eternium dual-rotor superconductive motor,

A portable and comparatively low cost medical imaging device that, for the first time, can be placed in the hands of first responders and professional practitioners.

Imaging ranks as one of the most important tools utilized by the medical community. Every day,

This invention relates to technology used for creating an enhanced artificial magnetosphere and an electromagnetic shield for use in both manned and unmanned spacecraft. This technology will reduce the exposure of astronauts or other space travelers, as well as radiation-sensitive equipment, to the environmental hazards present therein.

MEAMOMU is a scalable replacement for the tension released spring used in watches and automatons that are used for automation robotics in manufacturing or general use. The two models are:

1) coupled same polarity single carriage traversing chamber with a minimum of four balanced linear interactive magnetic nodes,

The PlaxiBATH is an assistive bath device designed to provide personal hygiene and safety without or minimizing the aid of a caregiver, boasting a slew of built-in safety features (e.g.,

The Gator is an intermediate trailer that houses batteries and an electric motor to instantly convert any semi-tractor into a plug-in hybrid.

The Gator will revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry to quickly convert many tractors to run mostly on grid power.

Metallic zinc is a non-renewable resource that is a critical input to galvanizing operations, which, in turn, is critical to building long-lasting steel structures that are crucial to our global infrastructure. The InterCoat ChemGuard portfolio, particularly the newest invention in that portfolio (ChemGuard-AG ->

Healthy and biodegradable water bottles created from seaweed. Water is available in several, natural flavors as well made through a process that promotes health (Ayurvedic process) This product addresses both health & environment.

Firstly, there is the environmental crisis,

Eyewear providing UV light and ballistic protection to wearer's eyes at the least possible weight. This design incorporates a hydrophilic polymer nosepiece that becomes tacky when wet,

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