The Take Cover explores the vulnerability of humans and the built environment and their need to withstand the impacts of natural disasters due to climate change. The purpose of our patented invention is to provide body conforming flotation padding protection to be used during disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis,

My idea aims to add greater safety factor to automotive vehicles by addressing the human side of the driving using the below approach:

Detect unruly or impulsive behavior through measurable responses such as constant abnormal acceleration/braking, rapid steering movements, continual over-speeding beyond a set safe speed, etc.


Chemical Bonding system using adhesives to butt join two pipe ends providing an effective permanent long lasting leak-tight and strong joint. Correct designed Chemical joints are as strong as the pipe itself.

Create a robot / set of robots in order to do the human being's handwork (eg. grinding, finishing) based on the customer requirements. The advantages would be the higher level of precision, minimization of damage for the aerospace parts as the handjob workmanship (human factors),

The entry works by maximizing the efficiency of the already existant technology. What makes it novel is the ease of use and implementation as well as the cost efficiency of overall functionality. It would be produced with the same technology in use for the build it components.

E-Code is an original smart irrigation system that uses an amalgamation of technology in order to save water. In short, E-Code works to optimize water usage while minimizing consumer costs!

Corrosion has compromised structural materials since the dawn of civilization. Today, the annual direct cost of metallic corrosion is estimated to be ~$300 billion in the USA alone. Steels are one of the most widely used metals in production and manufacturing, utilities, transportation, defense, and infrastructure; however,

My proposal is that we install turbines on city water lines to generate electricity since there is a constant flow of water. The turbines cam be placed at various locations throughout the city to provide electricity to power stations for electric cars.

Measures to reduce collisions, injuries, death and the resulting cost to society and environment.

Require vehicle motion data and visual recording systems in all new vehicles to provide information about travel and driver behavior before and during vehicular collisions.

food-lifestyle DOPazinator ®

Dopamine, obesity, and related ideas are explored in the context of weight control regimens. However research has indicated that such measures have an element of futility, for the underlying causes are grossly exaggerated, convoluted and misinterpreted. Meaning,

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