MinervaS provides a suite of integrated solutions for smart & future mobility, from driving advisors (TruckY) to fleet management tools, all tailored to the vehicle and size of the customer's business.

TruckY is the ADAS plug &

In the COVID situation, we saw that the people who suffered more are the elderly who live alone (i.e., elderly people are in a situation where they aren't able to contact anybody in the wrong situation).

Taking this as an inspiration,

Founded in 2018, the company has created a new way of building composite parts, one that combines 3D printing technique and filament with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement and compression molding to create strong, light components.

This innovation relates to the field of rotary internal combustion engines. This is new type of rotary engines (VSD- engines, hereinafter VSD) which use detonation type of combustion and three thermodynamic cycles (intake-detonation-exhaust). VSD was designed at 2018-2019 (Rotary-vane mechanism for engines and compressors.

The Sowda mechanism is intended to be added to conventional internal combustion engines (ICE). By adding the Sowda mechanism to any ICE, the ICE will have the attributes of continuously variable compression (cVCR ) and true-Atkinson. The.

We have developed technologies to capture and process plastics from the open ocean and rivers. Our technology is unique in that it is minimally invasive, which is a very important aspect of working in the ecologies needed to be cleaned. As an added benefit, the captured carbons,

BPPV type vertigo affects 8% of the population, and every year 1.6% of the population visits an emergency room for BPPV attacks. The misdiagnosis rate of BPPV in the ER is reported as 74-81%. Every year 5.5 million patients visit the ER in the USA,

As people get older they tend to become less active and sit front of the TV much of the day. This constant seating without proper exercise eventually leads to weight gain. Doctor’s warnings do not help much.

The Branch Lite makes walking at night safer for the visually impaired and elderly.

It is a walking stick with two LED torches and a tail light for visibility at night!


Two(2) Led Torch Lights to light the path at night.

Holohop is a fully functional rear windscreen whipper with a 3D holographic projector display fan attached. When in use, it displays bright caution signs and signals for easier communication to on coming traffic where there is low visibility due to bad weather like fog, rain, and darkness.

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