PROBLEM: Global Heating by Contrails generated by jet airliners

98% of anthropogenic (human-made) global heating is the result of Green House Gases (GHGs) such as CO2 and methane. The remaining 2% is generated by the effect of Contrails. Surprising huh?

SUMMARIZE: I developed a device with the Arduino MKR WAN 1300, which helps me to monitor the quality of water and air in the ecological reserve of my community.


I live on the shores of a big city, and there're still ecological reserves with natural lakes.

This application is designed to allow for safer travel in low light conditions for motorcyclists.

Due to the low cost manufacture of this unit it will allow for an easy uptake among the general riding population.

IoTNet is the plumbing that glues an arbitrary input to an ad hoc output. There is a growing need for a publicly fielded network where people who need passive, non-interactive access to objects like sensors, actuators,

Waves have been over-simplified as sinusoidal in physics since Newton and in mathematics since Euler, but even ripples on water diminish in wavelength gradually but indefinitely. Resonance in an "imperfect oscillator" with changing natural frequency conversely requires successive wave cycles with periods changing at the same rate.

When it comes to taking cargo into space the current method is to take the cargo, put it on the top of a large rocket and launch it. Launching a rocket is expensive, tens of million of dollars.

The prices of natural gas and electricity are still rising, so it is advisable to find new sources of energy for heating houses and apartments. Trimmed tree branches, cut weeds and paper no longer suitable for recycling are landfilled or burned uselessly in the fields.

Described is “Malevolence,” a hybrid electric motorcycle, including an electric motor and jet engine. The vehicle combines a traditional electric motor, powered by battery, rotating the rear wheel with torque via a chain drive, and a secondary engine utilizing an air ducting array augmented with ramjet technology,

Researchers at INL have developed a large-scale spark plasma sintering process. While small scale SPS has been accomplished, the novelty of this process lies in the tooling and knowledge developed to address the scale up issues and fabricate a viable armor tile.

Idaho National Laboratory experts have developed a new tool, Caldera. The foundation of the Caldera software platform is a library of high-fidelity EV charging models derived from extensive charging and battery testing data that INL has collected over the past decade. Caldera fills a clear technology gap.

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