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The eCorkboard is a device that resembles a digital picture frame. Digital pictures can be uploaded to the eCorkboard to display while in standby mode. Once the touch-sensitive screen is activated, a menu that allows you to access a shopping list, “to do” list, a calendar,

This switch (called the EMS) is the heart of a system designed to reduce home residential electrical consumption by at least half, and, with the ability to be tuned for each individual installation, up to 7/8ths of the current electrical usage by playing a trick on electricity.

History has shown that electrostatic loudspeakers have a limited lifespan, and needs to be cleaned and repaired every now and then.
This electrostatic loudspeaker has a new design, totally
open and very easy to do maintenance on. The frame, painted red on the picture,

Fact: Wheels of vehicles get stuck (bond) to their mounting surface. The bonding of a wheel to its mounting surface can be quite severe, and can require extreme effort to break the bond, which allows the wheel to be separated from its mounting surface. Physical shock (pounding),

Bicycles have been evolving since its early conception in the 1800s. The bicycles intended designs were primarily for transportation, and recreation. But now bicycles have a greater function in our culture, they provide a healthy means of needed exercise.

As the cost of energy increases engineers must design more energy efficient ways to perform common everyday task. The energy efficient cookware (E-Cookware) reduces stovetop cook times and improves the heat transfer from the cookware bottom to the food in the pot.

The MicBall is a non-intimidating microphone that enables users to conveniently participate in spacious, otherwise hard to navigate environments by tossing it from one user to another.

The world is transforming itself as a global village. People are travelling all over & experimenting. The invention is a chopstick straw that help people enjoy a meal better with the devise.

I have designed low cost mechanisms that when incorporated into computer or traditional desks/workstations, will significantly improve the ergonomic profile of the desk.
This improved, individually customizable, ergonomic adjustability will not only allow a user to experience higher levels of productivity & accuracy,

I am pleased to present to you Everlasting Memories, as invented by Tony Pettry. Conceptually speaking, this invention is a line of headstones and grave markers featuring interactive video screens which display photographs, home movies and audio commentary of the departed.

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