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DAMPS Technology MKIII Smart Boots utilizes opposing super magnets in the heel of footwear for advanced suspenstion/propulsion shock mitigation.
In testing with Special Operations, DAMPS recorded over a 68% increase in heel strike shock mitigation, when compared to conventional footwear. That means soldiers, anyone can walk ten miles and his or her body receives the equivalent motion shock of only three miles.

30% of new recruits suffer impact related lower extremity injures, resulting in loss of training time.

Heel strike injury (plantar fasciitis), is the number one injury seen by podiatrists. Low back problems are the number two cause of employee down time.

In addition the DAMPS heel system provides a forced aeration system, to utilize heel strike to ...

The DeskSpacer II is a quadrilateral shaped utility desk organizer constructed of high-impact durable, lightweight injection molded plastic with a thickness of 16th -18th of an inch, a 10° to 15° slope on the top, a height (front slope) of 8.5 inches, a (back slope) height of 10 inches, a width of 8.5 inches, that combines and integrates all the basic desk accessories, such as Knick/Knacks/Accessories Compartments, Collapsible/Telescopic Lamp, Tape Dispenser, Digital/Analog Clock Radio with Speakers and LED Light Display, Photo Displayer, iPod/ Earphone Docking and Hook-Up, Pencil Sharpener (with Shavings‘ drawer), Business Cards Drawer, Sticky Notepad Tray, Stapler, and Mail/Envelope Holder, into one compact receptacle for the purpose of providing efficiency in the ...

My idea is to have an alarm clock with a voice recording (dictaphone) feature. Recorded mesages would be all or part of the alarm sound which goes off to wake the user up. The message the user records before turning in would be reminders of what needs to be done upon waking up.

This would also work well with common features including alarm at soft volume at the beginning and increasing volume over time until the snooze button is hit. All of this would gently steer a person's thoughts toward what the new day requires during the transition from sleep to wakefulness. This would also improve punctuality for important obligations.

The whole idea was born out of my experience ...

DisplayScore - LCD score viewer for Musicians

Have you gone to a concert? And did you see a musician make some effort to change the page of the score while playing the instrument? Well, this equipment is useful because the musician doesn't need to use his hands to change the page. It’s an LCD screen that has USB ports to load the scores, a pad or touchscreen to select the score and adjust the size of the score in the screen, and some buttons to adjust the brightness and contrast. Also, it includes characteristics like detection of smile, wink right or left eye, tilt of the head, etc. (like in the actual cameras) and the user can set which of ...

Larger-than-life issues such as Global Climate Change can seem so complex that the non-scientist feels intimidated by the whole thing. The proposed distributed system would get the average citizen, family, school groups and other organizations directly involved.

The Distributed Global Climate Change Analysis System consists of a wireless thermometer which transmits temperature data to a USB receiver connected to a PC. Software on the PC collects the periodic temperature readings and transmits them to a website where they are stored. Since the user has previously registered their unique unit ID, the readings can now be associated with a specific geographic location. In this manner, temperature readings from a wide variety of environments around the world can be collected, analyzed ...

DOME is a saucepan accessory that can be used instead of a regular lid.

In fact, the problem with a regular lid is that when we take it off the saucepan, we don’t know where to put it:
a) we can keep it in our hand but it isn’t easy to cook then ;
b) we can also leave it on the kitchen worktop but then, it will soil it;
c) or we can leave it upside down on the worktop but if it’s hot and it is dangerous : we can get burned.

So, the solution is DOME !
It is a lid that is a dome that we don’t need to take off the saucepan: you ...

Utilizing kinetic energy to "automatically" activate a non-aerosol pleasant spray, ridding restrooms (or portable restrooms) of unpleasant odors.

The product offers an immediate solution before entering a restroom which may have a lingering foul odor. As one opens the door to the restroom, the mere action of opening the door activates the spray...and as the door is closed (for privacy), the spray once again is activated. The name of the product is "Double Spritz."

Again, as the person exits the restroom, once the door is opened, the spray is activated, to eliminate any possible disagreeable odor, and once again when the door is closed. the second spray is activated.

The design features a cost effective module which attaches easily ...

Here is a design that prevents drying-up of paint inside their cans when left in storage for long, the main reason for drying up being the interaction of air with the surface layer of paint...this being especially pronounced after some paint has been drained from the can during the course of normal usage.
The can has a sliding piston type floater with a ball-valve mechanism at the centre,which allows air out when the piston is pushed down, but not the other way. Paint can be taken out by simply pressing down on the ...

* Here is a product that increases quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.

* The proposed novel affordable dual purpose, interior, self-contained, off-grid lighting device is the "Magnetically Mounted Disc-Shaped Light Diffuser", which is an upgrade of the existing model.

* Here are the features of the Magnetically Mounted Disc-Shaped Light Diffuser.

* extreme simplicity
* magnetic mount to switch between mode 1 (task lighting) and mode 2 (room lighting)
* uniform diffusion of light with wide cone angle and no glare
* existing lamp requiring no modification except for adding 2 magnets

Sleek and minimal? Check. Large screen? Check. Oodles of tech? Check, check and check! E’llipse is a watch to end all watches. Why? Because it has a fancy processor and the latest algorithms in human-machine learning. Yes it learns you! It knows what you want and keeps you up to date. That’s not all. ZigBee and Bluetooth modules enable better indoor localization, an impossible feat for GPS. The UI is based on widgets – one for every kind; time, weather, calendar and a custom API lets developers get creative.

We’ve all heard about smartphones, but it’s very rare that we come across a “smart watch”. This is one of the fanciest watches you will ever find. Targeted for frequent ...

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