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Normally, digital cameras will have one removable Memory Card. After you have taken a picture, it is normally stored in this Memory Card. If you want to share any picture while on a vacation with co-vacationers, you need to go to a computer to copy the picture.

The FireStorm Plasma iPlug is a new entry in the formerly mundane area of Spark Plugs. All Spark Plugs produce "sparks" to ignite the Air Fuel Mixture in the combustion Chambers. FireStorm is different, it produces "PLASMA". By doing that,

The Flipper is a revolutionary – pun intended – new toy: simple, fun to play with, yet technically sophisticated. The technology behind the toy is an innovative revolution counter and register for a rotating body in free space. The Flipper toy is cylindrical in shape, about a foot long,

The FoldBot is a direct and valuable solution to the burden of folding clean clothes. The FoldBot apparatus is a slender yet sturdy mechanical device that resembles a ball-jointed cylinder when at rest.

Existing composters for private garden application have the drawback, that after having filled in the organic material the most valuable ready compost is located in the inner center of the composter and can only be extracted by taking away all the outer material.

The personal “Golf Ball Washer” is a concept product for addressing an inconvenient aspect of our beloved game. Often the course supplied ball washers are either empty or contaminated from previous players.

The GOpc solves the problem of having too many gadgets in your life. You have an ever powerful smart phones coming to market and PCs that are becoming ever slimmer and more portable yet the two worlds have yet to merge.

This entry seeks to find a way to broaden our consciousness of our electrical consumption through visual cues and information modeling. The primary issue we would like to “illuminate” is Phantom Power Loads from electronic devices and appliances.

This idea will eliminate millions of power cords, product cases, remotes, duplicated circuits and save much energy. It will save consumers and manufactures much money. It is a win win situation and can be made in America. It will work in all countries.

A directional electronic digital compass IC (or other electronic compass), video camera, microphone, and earphone, signaling through a high bandwidth transceiver built within (or attached to) an ordinary hat, glasses, or earworn configuration enables the wearer to perform many patentably distinct useful functions.

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