Sustainable Technologies

Many hot countries suffer from the absence of water, and the amount of dew in the atmosphere can be considerable. Condensation of moisture to dew has been present for a long time,

Desalination process is both time consuming and costly. This process will allow input water flow and output water flow to be continues. Requires no heating of the water.

Many third world countries suffer from disease and death due to lack of clean water sources. Areas which are subject to high temperatures, dry weather, and semi-arrid conditions make storing clean water difficult.
This very simple device is a portable unit called a "water farm.

Water is a precious resource that is scarce in many parts of the world and is gradually becoming insufficient in the rest of the planet due to population growth and water contamination. It is predicted that in the next decades,

The Wave Energy Harnessing Device (WEHD) was developed to harness and convert wave power from mild, moderate, and extreme wave climates.

The unique features of the WEHD include the variable depth, autonomous storm avoidance, wave shoaling, and energy storage features.

Utilize a multi-layered medium to high pressure hose to reline and repair damaged distribution system. Oil Vent stack, sanitary sewers, meduim to high pressure water and chemical distribution system.

Parker Hannifin has the technology to build multi-layer hose.

Billboards can also power homes and businesses: Windboard relates to an innovative solution of generating electricity using vertical axis wind turbines mounted to billboards. This solution takes advantage of the pre-existing structures and power grid attachment points. Moreover it aims at powering the billboard.

During the past decade,


This unique Tracking Solar Collector Concentrator (TSCC) design employs a Cassegrain style primary and secondary conic collector-concentrator arrangement.

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