Sustainable Technologies

Micro-Efficient Electro-Mechanical Multiplied-System Self-Sustaining Reactions: A summary.

The engagement with natural fields of force and their latent potentialities has been the focus of a subset of Breakthrough Propulsion Projects run by national space agencies for some years.

MicroGen Systems, LLC is located at the Cornell Business & Technology Park in Ithaca, NY. MicroGen is developing a patent-pending MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) based Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvester (mPZEH). The microfabrication development efforts are being completed at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (

Methane gas is too precious to be released into the atmosphere when there are possibilities to harvest it.
Many organisms are producing methane (biogas), from bacteria to companion animals like cows.
In recent time methane is also a subject of many discussions concerning the global earth warming.

Here is a process that helps reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources using environmentally friendly cooking process.

This project evolved from a study of convective flow I was aware of in the Navy, NASA's conquering of the Moon, an interest in MHD and the building of the ISS.

Radio frequency front ends must be miniaturized to create high data bit rate terminals and provide numerous accesses to multimedia services. Generally, thermal management plays an essential role in design of Microwave and RF devices.

The Microturbine Sun Tracker is a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) unit in the category of Solar Dish Engines. Reference figure 1. A 4Kw electric power output Closed Brayton Cycle (CBC) engine, in this application, will attain heat energy from a solar dish.

I was walking through a street one late evening when I noticed a tailor in the street. The mechanical energy available at the machine can be converted into electrical energy without disturbing the regular work of the tailor and also with the minor modification in the existing machine.

EnerSysNet is developing self-contained, mobile woody biomass to liquid fuel conversion systems to produce fuel oil, diesel and gasoline-type hydrocarbons from logging and wood product residues.

Modular HydroPower (MHP) for Developing Countries

This is a new generation of renewable energy systems for developing nations or in remote locations to provide hydrokinetic electrical power for health care, commerce, education and for domestic microenterprises. MHP units preassembled,

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