Sustainable Technologies

Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the future.
It is the process by which multiple atomic nuclei join together to form a single heavier nucleus.
It is accompanied by the release or absorption of energy.

The hunger for conquering the waves led to invention of the boat, ship. The entire basic logic behind the moment of a ship in water is similar to the movements of fish and some sea birds.

The oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico may never be completely sealed off - this oil capture idea is based on whale hunting behaviour using bubble curtains.

After Suddam Hussein blew up the oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War, the Department of Energy, British Petroleum and the Red Adair company were given three inventions for putting out the oil well fires faster in Kuwait.

This is another alternate way of generating power using wind energy. This is similar to trees which oscillate during windy conditions. The oscillating motion is used to generate the power.
The Device consist of a flexible tower and rotating blade.

The Osmotic well consists of the following parts numbered on the figure.

Oceanic Thermal Energy Conversion system for Gulf Restoration Venture (OTEC-Gulf) is being created in this two-phase effort. In Phase I, we will conduct extensive, long-term testing of concepts over a two-year period in a one-tenth-scale prototype. In Phase II, deploy 100’s of 100-megawatt OTEC systems.

The system is an alteration of the Oscillating Water Column principle (OWC). Many companies have constructed and tested at sea OWC systems and the system has been accepted
as a credible design philosophy for sea wave energy capture and deployed in shoreline, fixed installations, and in deep water.

To create a new world, the advanced development of alternative energy sources is very important. There is plenty of heat energy available in solar radiation. Now we have some current technologies to grab the sun's heat. But improvements are needed for a sustainable future.

PORTABLE AIR VESSEL (PAV) is a Fresh Air Breathing System which can be used in polluted atmosphere caused by the vehicular traffic on roads. PAV is a cylindrically shaped pressure vessel which is made up of either Mild Steel or FRP.

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