Sustainable Technologies

Principle of Lamellae

Based on the principle of a bi-material effect, a closed roof construction opens with temperature change. Deformations of each roof element occur creating openings in
the roof structure. The designed size of the elements can vary within the populated structure.

For large farms, current irrigation technologies are limited to two options: large sprinklers or drip irrigation systems. Each option comes with a set of problems. Drip irrigation requires tubes to be spread on or under the ground. The tubes can get plugged, become damaged by, plant roots,

PRACTICAL LARGE SCALE SOLID OXIDE FUEL CELLS Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are extraordinarily efficient, regularly achieving fuel conversion efficiencies of 80% (heat and electricity). The pollutants from these electrochemical devices are almost zero and the CO2 discharged is about half of traditional power generating methods.

In the near future, there will be a great need for alternative sources of energy. Wind energy could fulfill much of the world’s energy demand, unfortunately, the majority of its power is located high in the sky.

Large wind turbines are noisy,

This concept is for local electrical power generation, easily scaleable to nearly any size or demand. The illustration shows one "bank" which would be suitable for a small village or neighborhood. Adding additional "banks" would make this suitable for whatever size demand.

The Baumann Green Floor™ (BauGF™)

The proprietary Baumann Green Floor™ (BauGF™) is designed to take advantage of what is called the “thermal flywheel effect of concrete.”

Concrete has the ability to efficiently store thermal energy, and then later, efficiently release this energy.

In the world of EMI-EMC there is an essential need to measure conducted as well as radiated RF power. Additionally, measurement of RF power is required for design, development and maintenance of various systems of communications; radar etc.

Most traditional methods of producing electricity are too expensive to build and maintain for the many developing countries of the world. Although many of these countries have rivers that could be dammed for hydroelectric power the cost would be too great.

Ocean Current Electricity Generating System (OCEGS) uses "wind mills" tethered on cables anchored in ocean currents to generate electricity. This system offers significant advantages over other systems that allows the potential capacity to provide enough energy to eliminate oil imports into the U.S.

The Max-Cracker from Ezebreak is a scaled up design of our Micro-Blaster series of rock and concrete breaking systems (www.ezebreak.com).

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