Vertical wall parking garage/storage system.
High cost of the land and crowded conditions on the streets of many highly populated modern cities encourages search for affective solutions of motor vehicle parking space with minimal footprint on the ground.
Proposed automatic storage system has many advantages over existing street parking lots, multistory parking garages, above ground or under ground constructions:
- system has smallest footprint on the ground due to the absence of access ramps or drive isles;
- it has no limitations in height (or width) due to distributed power produced by identical driving cells covering full storage surface;
- system is equally economical to be erected on the footprint of 2 vehicles or any larger number of ...

Garrow Aircraft LLC released in 2008 its unique and innovative aircraft design, called the Verticopter®, literally “Vertical Wing”, which is optimized for niche markets such as Aerial Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Border Patrol, News Coverage and VIP Transport.

The Verticopter® is a new convertiplane that is highly scalable from toys, to drones, UAVs and to manned vehicles and will turn your runway "into a thing of the past." Capable of VTOL or STOVL and very high cruise speeds, it serves those markets more efficiently than any helicopter.

It is more than just a CGI concept as the proof-of-concept has been flying for approx. 3 years as a remote-controlled UAV and 3 prototypes completed 27 flights, all completed at the comfortable runways ...

A Velomobile or HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) is a human powered vehicle with an aerodynamic shell (fairings) closed for protection and better efficiency.

Viro is three-wheeled, for recreational and tourist purposes.

It is designed from the functional and formal attributes of the dragonfly in the armadillo and focused on having good strength and ...

After observing a recent episode of the popular TV show "Ice Road Truckers", I was inspired to create a solution for one of the more dangerous scenarios that these drivers face. I've learned from this TV series just how important it is that the diesel engines in these trucks are kept running. At the extremely frigid temperatures these trucks are driven in stopping the engine for only a matter of minutes can seriously jeopardize the driver’s chances of re-starting it. Not being able to start or re-start the engine in this environment can pose a serious threat to the driver’s life. The solution that I propose is to employ some type of thermal battery using a PCM (phase change ...

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