The Live Information Bus Stop (LIBS) keeps people up-to-date on the location of their bus. By using location tracking (GPS), any bus system could signal all equipped bus stops with the current position of buses that frequent any given stop. Since they use little energy,

Royalty rode in elegant carriages, made comfortable with steel springs. As speeds increased carriage makers (and subsequently automobile manufacturers) added dampers, coil springs and anti sway bars to improve comfort and handling. Some innovative suspensions even incorporated load leveling devices. Underlying all these technologies, spring steel reigned supreme.

M5 Plume

Platform: Hybrid car with a Hydrogen (H2) engine and an electromagnetic levitating system (Maglev).
Small family car/ SUV
Max speed: 200 km/h
Driving range: 500 km

It's a Train! It's a Car!

What problem does your design idea solve?
·Typical cars run on gas or batteries; two fuel sources. Now they carry the heavy loads of an internal combustible engine, gasoline fuel, alternator and storage batteries.
·Solar cars have the same problems; the weight of solar panels,

Method of reducing gryoscopic drag in automobile engines.

Remember the spinning "Tops" that we played with as children? The type that, if you set it spinning (perhaps a few hundred rpm) it would stand on it's end as if by magic?

Method to reduce gyroscopic drag in automobiles.

Remember the spinning "tops" we played with as children? The type that, if you set it spinning (at perhaps a few hundred rpm)it would stand on it's end as if by magic.

It seems as though there is an incredible amount of wasted energy in current internal combustion engine designs, especially in terms of the amount of thermal energy that in one way or another is just vented to the atmosphere.

The Mk1 Airship, is a whole new way to travel. Imagine transporting hundreds of tons of supplies around the world, with no fuel costs. The airship would allow people, cargo, medical supplies, vehicles,

Exhaust gas from any IC Engine of automobiles is cooled and then using a battery operated mini compressor is passed through a series of chemical solvents housed in FRP Chambers. Suitable solvents in different chambers remove different pollutants such as oxides of carbon including carbon monoxide,

As a driver in city traffic or highway traffic jams one of the most helpless feelings is not knowing what is going on up ahead that is causing the traffic problem,

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