In the US every year 147 Million Gallons of Fuel are lost due to evaporation in the vehicle's tank. This simple design may help to reduce the surface area of the fuel in the tank at all times, thereby reducing the rate of fuel-evaporation.

Cars of the 21st century are emitting less and less pollution.Despite this, fossil fuel burning is still necessary to power the car and thus emit pollution.With the technology that we have today, it is impossible to have 0 emissions while burning fossil fuels.But alternatively,

Why struggle through the air when it can be swept out of your way in front of your vehicle? If you have ever driven in the slip stream of a truck you will know you don't need to be so heavy on the gas.

Grail Engine Technologies corporation has developed a revolutionary two-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) that achieves high fuel efficiency (100+ mpg) and uses multiple fuel sources (i.e. gasoline, diesel, hydrogen,

Vehicle propulsion systems are the integration of energy storage (diesel, gasoline, batteries etc) with energy transformation (chemical to mechanical, chemical to electrical to mechanical, etc) systems. For an electric (core technology) based vehicles, electric storage in batteries has been limiting.


With over 50 years of development and literally tens of thousands of testers, roller coaster rail system technology has more than proven itself as a transportation technology. However, it has never been transitioned into use by a commercial or public sector transportation system.

People and sensitive electronics traveling in space need protection from high energy radiation. Solid shielding materials are very dense.

I assume that a very small proportion of particles strike the craft at a right angle. My idea is to make some walls, bulkheads, floors,

Throughout recent history there were several attempts to build Jules Verne's vision of a space cannon, from Krupp's wartime Paris Gun as a weapon to the 60's Harp project as a space launch system.

This system works as a straw. When you put the finger at the straw’s upper end, the liquid does not drop because of the air pressure. Fig 1 presents the system at quiet state. We organize the set so it takes the lesser space on board.

The University of Louisville ASME Chapter is designing a fully enclosed, 3-wheel, recumbent utility bike. The design includes provision for over 13 cubic feet of storage capacity by employing two side pods and a rear cargo area.

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