U-Fly Personal Flight.
Flight has been the dream of man since he first looked upward at the freedom of the birds to move effortlessly through the heavens. These notions of flight as a personal experience have all but been extinguished by the deficiencies of the current aviation industry;

ZigZag is a unipersonal totally electric three wheeled vehicle, conceived by the need for environmentally friendly transport for the city and different places where this problem is not entirely satisfied. The product can be easy manufactured with purchasable technology,

A whole new generation of purely electric vehicles and "Plug-in" hybrids will soon be commercially available and attention has to be given to creating the infrastructure required to keep the batteries of these vehicles fully charged during their urban commutes.

Modular Spacecraft Concept:Valkerie
Valkerie is an attempt to create a multi-platform, multi-mission reusable spacecraft that uses gravimetric conditions in space to provide long-range capabilities.

This invention deals with an electronically controllable Variable Valve Lift System for internal combustion engines.
This system is a mechanical transmission having the capability of varying the lift of the intake and/or exhaust poppet valves while the engine is running and when varying its working conditions.

Problem: It is estimated that speed is a factor in 1/3 of fatal vehicle accidents. It is my belief that thousands of lives could be saved every year by encouraging drivers to drive within the posted speed limit.

This device would complement current global positioning system (GPS) privately owned vehicle trackers which are sold to anyone who wants to map out a destination or is lost.

New Jersey has instituted a law in which vehicles must have snow and ice removed from the hood, roof, and truck areas.

I had a an Idea to design and develop new transportation system, which involves vehicles and road sensed by satellites. Each vehicle will not have steering, data will be entered regarding where to go and at what speed.

Vertical wall parking garage/storage system.
High cost of the land and crowded conditions on the streets of many highly populated modern cities encourages search for affective solutions of motor vehicle parking space with minimal footprint on the ground.

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