Some years ago a design student solicited help for a class project to design the bicycle of the future. He needed a new propulsion system that would allow new design freedoms.
I found this challenge very exciting.

I proposed eliminating the mechanical chain and gearing system with electronics.

In most air-cooled heat exchangers, the construction utilizes a tube, through which the fluid passes, and fins over which the air passes to remove the heat. Some present units use an aluminum tube and an aluminum fin which are bonded together through a high temperature brazing process.

An effective, efficient, and safe air transportation system for moving people and goods is an important part of our national infrastructure; to be competitive globally, it's important that infrastructure is developed, maintained, and updated. If we fail in this,

The US and world economy is impeded by the slowness of traffic during rush hours. Reducing the traffic jam problem, on the existing roads infrastructure can have a dramatic improvement on many aspects of our lives.

The eventual shift from our dependence on fossil fuels to sustainable, alternative energies has been exemplified by personal transportation. We rely on the high energy density of petroleum products to power our vehicles,

My idea for this contest is an Integrated Vision System. This, in a sense, is a way that the VEHICLE, along with the driver and/or passengers can SEE.

Don Hill

Propelling spaceships through deep space requires ships to carry huge amounts of fuel to escape the gravitational pull on the ship. Once a space ship escapes the pulls of gravity within a solar system,

What ?. A windshield wiper system that significantly improves the safety of most types of motor vehicles.

How ?. The system fully wipes off all precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) from the windshield regardless of intensity yet the wiper’s sweeping motion is not perceived by vehicle occupants.

I am building a gyroplane that will run on water.

The ElectriLite (http://omni.mcn.org/ElectriLiteB) Community Electric Vehicle (CEV) is a local transportation system intended to be designed, developed and produced in community settings with a continuing web based coordination presence.
ElectriLite is a 2 place, 300 pound, 3 wheel, gearless dual hubmotor driven,

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