As a driver in city traffic or highway traffic jams one of the most helpless feelings is not knowing what is going on up ahead that is causing the traffic problem, the feeling is very similar to sitting in an airplane on the tarmac for hours with no information as to what is causing the problem so one cannot estimate the delay and mentally prepare for it, causing undo stress and anger.

The proposed solution may help alleviate some of the stress associated with automobile traffic situations thus making commuting safer and healthier.

Commuter buses and commercial trucks are often the largest vehicles in the flow of traffic and have the potential as unique vantage points for other vehicles ...


After the oil spill in in the Gulf of Mexico this is new concept design for a pipeline under deep-sea. Its great advantage is that using the same quality materials 3 layered pipes are used in place of the existing ones so that it will last for next 25 to 75 yrs with zero maintenance.
The outermost layer of the pipe is for protection from sea water which is salty.
The middle layer protects from any leak in the innermost layer of the pipe. If there is a leak it is easier to clean without damaging the environment. It collects all the oil or any chemicals etc. in the middle layer and the ...

Monorail Air Cushion Ultra High Speed (MAC-UHS) Transportation System

Using a combination of well-known and proven technologies, a highly cost-effective and innovative solution to ultra high-speed passenger train transportation is presented. The proposed Monorail Air Cushion (MAC) system uses lightweight vehicles built with aircraft technologies, propelled via electric linear motors, riding on wheels at low speed and on an air cushion at high speed, straddling a modular elevated monorail track. When compared to existing conventional high-speed trains, this concept would lower the cost of infrastructure and equipment, and decrease the time to build a transportation network by more than an order of magnitude.

The proposed train system uses a combination of four well-proven technologies, not currently ...

I propose to put elevated Monorail service between cities along the Highway medians. This would start on short runs, and eventually connect the entire country just like the Highway system does now.

I see many advantages to this setup.

- Access is already in place.
o The elevated tracks would go along the medians, no right of ways to fight for in towns.
o Existing commuter lots already along the highways would be monorail stops.
o Installing two way track avoids stopping for passing and can be used for future individual use.
o Note: in many cases, elevated track would not be necessary since there may be adequate space in existing medians or Right of Ways.
- Travel would ...

While driving on the highways, quite often we come across messages displayed on electronic sign boards either over head or on the side of the road. Sometimes they could be running messages. The message could be an Amber Alert, a Traffic Alert or any other important message.
With the higher speed that we will be driving on the Interstates, often, we will not be able to read the message completely. We will never have a second chance to read the message. This will defeat the purpose of the message.
The cost of the GPS units has come down substantially and most of us use a GPS unit. Along with giving us the turn by turn directions, some GPS ...

Space flight, satellite communication, and global navigation have become ubiquitous parts of our lives. The uses for space technology grow with each passing day, and there is a pressing need to continuously innovate the ways in which we access space. Typically orbit is reached using solid or liquid rocket motors; however, a combination of these two technologies, a "hybrid" motor shows great promise. The development of hybrids is a subject of increasing interest for any industry needing safe, high thrust rockets. Because of their inherent safety, reliability, and environmental friendliness, hybrid motors are receiving more attention from government, industry, and the research community. The Multi-Grain Expandable Vortex Hybrid Rocket Motor (MGE-VHRM) concept promises to bring hybrid motors to maturity ...

The United States currently lacks a truly efficient means for people to travel long distances in a timely manner.
To solve this issue, I propose to build a high speed rail network that would eventually connect all the major cities in the country. To make this system more efficient and reduce the travel time of our existing systems, each depot would be located on a side track that is connected at each end to the main rail line. The train itself would not stop or even slow down at each depot, instead a special car would be used to allow passengers and their luggage to board or depart. This car would be capable of attaching or detaching from ...


In countries with hot climatea the air conditioners of cars are mostly used for cooling the temperature inside the cars. This adds to comfort but at a cost. The mileage is reduced which directly adds cost to the owner of the car.
The roof of the car can be modified as shown. The upper portion of the roof is made up of insulated material or a composite structure, which has a low thermal conductivity. This prevents the sunlight/heat from entering into the car. The lower portion is "fins" made of high thermal conductivity material. When the car is moving the fins help in expelling the heat from the car because of forced convection.
This arrangement will help considerably in reducing ...

I have been working for several years on this car door design and from my observation, experience and testing from just how people enter and exit front and back seat of a car,
regardless of the size or the model. I have seen it many times
including my experience for entering, not to mention people with disabilities or advanced age, this design will be helpful for all without age discrimination. The design as you will see is a simple addition to the existing car door design,(Back Door, Front Door, Four doors Sedan or two door sportier car). The roof of the car will have a comfortable for a head room cut-out opening, and the opening will be reduced toward ...

This is a walking type machine in combination of carriage, and a mobile bridge accompanied by a power generator to drive the bridge and carriage alternatively.
The bridge consists of a rigid frame carrying two rail tracks over which the load of the carriage can be drawn on wheels, forward and backward. Both the bridge and carriage are having retractable legs with foot pads to mount on ground during it’s landing on ground alternatively.
Front and rear ends of the bridge are connected by traction cables looped around the pulley attached to traction motor installed in the carriage. So that carriage and bridge are alternatively driven, while the other retract its legs and driven by traction afforded by cables.


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