After the oil spill in in the Gulf of Mexico this is new concept design for a pipeline under deep-sea.

Monorail Air Cushion Ultra High Speed (MAC-UHS) Transportation System

Using a combination of well-known and proven technologies, a highly cost-effective and innovative solution to ultra high-speed passenger train transportation is presented.

I propose to put elevated Monorail service between cities along the Highway medians. This would start on short runs, and eventually connect the entire country just like the Highway system does now.

I see many advantages to this setup.

- Access is already in place.

While driving on the highways, quite often we come across messages displayed on electronic sign boards either over head or on the side of the road. Sometimes they could be running messages. The message could be an Amber Alert, a Traffic Alert or any other important message.

Space flight, satellite communication, and global navigation have become ubiquitous parts of our lives. The uses for space technology grow with each passing day, and there is a pressing need to continuously innovate the ways in which we access space.

The United States currently lacks a truly efficient means for people to travel long distances in a timely manner.
To solve this issue, I propose to build a high speed rail network that would eventually connect all the major cities in the country.


In countries with hot climatea the air conditioners of cars are mostly used for cooling the temperature inside the cars. This adds to comfort but at a cost. The mileage is reduced which directly adds cost to the owner of the car.

I have been working for several years on this car door design and from my observation, experience and testing from just how people enter and exit front and back seat of a car,
regardless of the size or the model.

This is a walking type machine in combination of carriage, and a mobile bridge accompanied by a power generator to drive the bridge and carriage alternatively.
The bridge consists of a rigid frame carrying two rail tracks over which the load of the carriage can be drawn on wheels,

The Olympus is a four passenger business aircraft capable of performing point-to-point (PtP) vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air transportation whilst outperforming state-off-the-art helicopters on speed, range and noise emissions.

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