The Olympus is a four passenger business aircraft capable of performing point-to-point (PtP) vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air transportation whilst outperforming state-off-the-art helicopters on speed, range and noise emissions. The aircraft features a balanced combination of conventional aerospace techniques with several unique innovations, allowing for certification and a first flight in 2025.

In current day business aviation and special operations such as Search & Rescue (SAR) and MedEvac, a combination of helicopters and airplanes are used. Helicopters provide access to almost any location, but lack speed and range and produce a lot of noise (> 80 dB at 100 m, which is likely to prevent them from operating in urban areas in the future). Airplanes are bound to ...

This idea basically solve the transportation problem in todays era and traffic jam problems and main benifit of this wheel concept is to move in each and every direction on surface.in today's era simple conventional wheels are used which do not have 3 DOF.this concept can be applied in all vehicle.we can use this concept in future cars and robotic appliances.it has four wheel mechanism having spherical wheel and point contact with the surface so the turning capability of this mechanism is higher.
the mechanism contains three basic parts are base(chassis),spherical wheel assembly and couplings.
the internal designs are attached with it.
this is a new concept and has not been used commercially ...

Considering EV to be the cleanest source of transportation in city conditions, they seem to be the future of cars.

The main problem that they suffer is of short battery charge, limited to about 200 miles. And for charging them back, they have to be plugged to electric supply at base stations which causes time wastage and irritation to the users since they have to lave the comfort of their car and stand waiting to get charged. Also it limits the car's range and use for long distance city travelers.

I have proposed a solution to the problem by way of ON THE GO CHARGING GRID similar to those used in bunker cars commonly seen in entertainment parks.

Herein ...

On the Road Social Network

I thought of a system of easy communication between vehicles to report emergencies, anomalies, or simply to talk (social network on the car)
So if you're in the car and, for example, you see a guy on a car in front of you that has a flat tire, you don’t know this guy, so you cannot reach him with normal tools of communication to warn of danger.
So I designed a communication perimeter system installable on any vehicle as Kit or directly from the car manufacturer.
It consists of a series of directional sensors-transmitters along the perimeter of the car, an omnidirectional camera, a touch screen system and a normal telecommunications system (the system ...

Our formula team has spent the past year designing, building, testing and optimizing a race car for the weekend Autocross enthusiast. We have focused on increasing speed and maneuverability while maintaining an easy to maintain, safe car. Our car features a steel space frame chassis designed to fit the 95th percentile male driver, with an adjustable pedal box and 5 point safety harness. To further increase safety, a dynamically tested impact attenuator has been attached to the front of the car, designed to fully absorb the energy of the car hitting a solid barrier at 15 mph. The engine package features a Honda CBR 600 engine that has been augmented with a custom fuel injection system, 4-2-1 exhaust system ...

The Orion Speedtrike is an Ultrahigh Efficiency Vehicle (UEV) designed to dramatically decrease the energy required for transportation, and has already demonstrated performance equivalent to almost 2,000 mpg at highway speeds. Such efficiency would have a dramatic impact on a sustainable energy future. The Orion UEV is currently running in a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) configuration, and in 2008 set a world record of 66.08 mph under human power alone, using about .6 hp. If it were powered instead by a small efficient gasoline engine, the Orion could travel coast to coast in the United States on a single 1 ½ gallon tank. In emissions terms, the Orion produces only 5 g/km of Carbon Dioxide, or about 200 pounds ...

The pemmPOD or Personal Emotional Mobile Module is a personal transporter which is a combined Personal Computer, Media Player, Office workstation and Transportation Module.
It is a Solar Electric Vehicle which is made from recycled and modular components which can be configured at will.
The modules are an ultra capacitor battery (chassis) module, motorized wheel modules, modular wiring harness, the canopy acts as a solar collector and the PC module controls the whole system function including being a personal computing work station as well as a media player
The chassis is an ultra capacitor which acts as the battery storage medium for the system.
This module promotes the open office concept wherein one can either work from ...

Every year over 1.2 million people die in the world due to traffic related accidents. The goal of the Spira Personal Mass Transit (PMT) system is to save lives by taking vehicles off the road and into the air. The system is comprised of four major components: a rail, mules, support structure, and Spira vehicles. This system is meant to be supported by a suspension system which is in turn supported by high voltage power line towers. Mules are the load carrying machines which shuttle the Spira vehicles from one city to another. They are driven by electric motors and are powered using a trolley style spring arm in contact with a collinear power line. Capable of lifting 2500 ...

Introduction: A limiting factor in the use of mass transit is that rail stops are seldom close to the starting point (one's home) or the destination (work, etc.) . Parking garages fill and adequate transport is not available from the nearest stop to the final destination.

Many people like having their own space and not touching the same seats occupied by the masses. They like being able to store personal effects. The golf cart solution is not ideal for long distances because it cannot traverse high speed traffic arteries and many cities are poorly connected by low speed surface streets.

Buses do not synchronize with the mass transit. Having to transfer to a bus causes delay and another chance ...

The invention relates to saving the kinetic energy of the vehicle (any car/bus/truck/train/two-wheelers) wasted at the time of breaking by converting it into potential energy for reuse, thereby increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Every vehicle in motion has some kinetic energy in it which is directly proportionate to its mass and velocity. The same energy is wasted in the form of heat generated due to the friction between the tire and the road and the break-pads with the disc or the break drum.

The wastage is more in case of heavy and high powered vehicles.

A simple explanation:
Energy generated by stopping a vehicle from a speed of 80Kmph = (approx) Energy required to put the same ...

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