Did you ever notice on the highway that whenever you hit a slight bump or a small indent in the road, there is a darker patch on the pavement. This is caused by the sudden drop of accumulated fluids on the vehicles’ undersides.

A compressed air car is an alternative fuel car. We can create the new world which does not pollute the surrounding by vehicle emissions. This can be achieved by making the compressed air engine that operates under dual operation.

On of the main obstacles to increased space exploration is the lack of nearby habitable worlds. Mars atmosphere is less than 1% of Earths, while Venus' is 92x denser, making both worlds uninhabitable despite their agreeable surface gravities and within the margins solar habitable zone.

Trucks are essential for transportation and economics. On the other hand the fuel consumption of trucks especially heavy trucks has not been reduced as strong as compared to passenger cars in the last decades.
One reason for the high fuel consumption of trucks is given by their edged design,

Current surface transportation technology contributes to over two-thirds of US petroleum consumption and nearly one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Measures to decrease this reliance on petroleum will improve national security and decrease global climate change. Electric vehicles (EVs) offer such an opportunity, but challenges with battery capacity,

Presented system for regenerating automobile kinetic energy loss in deceleration uses a piston engine that as a compressor charges a reservoir and as an engine augments the main engine on acceleration.

Imagine riding your bicycle down the sidewalk at 20mph. Just as you approach a driveway entrance to a store, a car turns from the street into the driveway, cutting you off. You brake safely to a stop, and because of your new Regenerative Braking front wheel,

As companies around the world have grappled with how best to implement electric cars and electric transmissions, they have fallen prey to the trap of old design paradigms. They insist on placing a small electric motor under the hood, just like a gas motor,

* Here is a product that enables movement of people and goods from one place to another.

* A plug-in hybrid vehicle requires an on-board system to recharge a battery. The system could be a fuel cell stack or a combustion engine.

The plan is to redesign a Motor Coach to become a portable communications center that would support ten career minded students by allowing real-time interactive communication with ten high schools and three classes per school, while moving on the highway to a career field trip.

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