Safety and Security

Fire Suppression Screen

Fires of many different types and sizes can be suppressed mechanically by use of a properly configured metal mesh screen.

A characteristic of a fine metal mesh screen is that flame will not penetrate the plane of the mesh screen;

Floor Surface Safety Lamp

Walking and stumbling in the dark bedroom at night is a major cause of accidents in the home. Stepping on the dog, the child’s toy, forgotten shoes, or slipping on a slippery surface will tumble both the old and the young.

Every year, there are forest fires all over the world causing huge damage. The invention will solve or minimize the impact before the forest fire gets too big.

A wireless system that monitors forest fire that sends signal to the fire station and control center.

The system illustrated in the accompanying diagram is intended for use as means of transmitting gravitational “waves” (field disturbances) through planets and their natural satellites. The advantage of this relative to current data transmission methods is the reduction of interference and maintenance of signal quality within the transmittable range.

Guardian Angel is a kidnapping surveillance system that uses high altitude cameras to record visual evidence of kidnappings that happen on the ground in cities.

Residential fires represented approximately 85 percent of all fire deaths and 77 percent of injuries in 2009. Between 2000 and 2009, an average of 2,919 civilians lost their lives annually as the result of residential structure fires, which include one and two-family dwellings, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories,

THINSIA Research

The Heartbeat-ID scanner measures your heart signals contactless at your wrist. These signals are compared to a special pattern on your chip card. When there is a match you will be authenticated to a system.

Land mines are often used to secure some area or to stop hostile soldiers. The standard explosive way of their use kills or harms people. It is not necessary anymore. It is long ago observed that vibrated sand behaves like fluid.

Nitrogen Release Capsule

NRC is a new concept to aid humanity in reducing or totally wiping out the threat of the devastation caused by a hurricane.

Real-live problems
Every day, roadside bombs happen everywhere around the world: Thailand, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. Last Memorial Day weekend (June 30, 2011), America lost nine heroes to an improvised explosive (IED) devices in Afghanistan.

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