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Fire Suppression Screen

Fires of many different types and sizes can be suppressed mechanically by use of a properly configured metal mesh screen.

A characteristic of a fine metal mesh screen is that flame will not penetrate the plane of the mesh screen; however water can be readily sprayed through a screen. The screen provides a one-way fire control capability. Lightweight and inexpensive fire suppression screens can be scaled from small kitchen use to medium scaled building protection to large scale forest fires.

The fire suppression screen is a mechanical means of preventing the spread of fire – to encapsulate smaller fires so water can then be used to spray through the screen to ultimately quench the fire – ...

Floor Surface Safety Lamp

Walking and stumbling in the dark bedroom at night is a major cause of accidents in the home. Stepping on the dog, the child’s toy, forgotten shoes, or slipping on a slippery surface will tumble both the old and the young. That’s what nightlights are for but the plug-in nightlight lights illuminate one side of the bed and is a big flare of light on the wall.

The Floor Surface Lamp patented under the bed nightlight solves this problem by lighting the floor of the entire bedroom while keeping the bedroom dark. Now there is light to the bathroom from any side of the bed. There is light for the children coming in at 2 ...

Every year, there are forest fires all over the world causing huge damage. The invention will solve or minimize the impact before the forest fire gets too big.

A wireless system that monitors forest fire that sends signal to the fire station and control center.

A series of fixed fire detection device are planted every 3 or 10 miles apart to cover the whole forest. The fire alarm will be triggered if any of the sensors detects smoke/combustible gas. The battery will be powered by solar.

The web of detectors will be controlled and monitored by the forest owner(often the national park). All the communication can be relayed by wireless to the control center.

Whenever a small fire occurs ...

The system illustrated in the accompanying diagram is intended for use as means of transmitting gravitational “waves” (field disturbances) through planets and their natural satellites. The advantage of this relative to current data transmission methods is the reduction of interference and maintenance of signal quality within the transmittable range.
The most significant differences between this and other transmission methods are that signals can be transmitted directly through dense masses and intercontinentally with minimal time delay (rather than about the arc comprising the atmosphere and upper layer of crust), as perturbations are effective at the speed of light. Though electromagnetic waves also travel at the speed of light, they dissipate within distances much shorter than the effective distance of a ...

Guardian Angel is a kidnapping surveillance system that uses high altitude cameras to record visual evidence of kidnappings that happen on the ground in cities. The visual evidence obtained by these cameras is used by law enforcement employees to obtain the last known location of a kidnap victim and also track the vehicles being used to move the victim. From Point A to Point B and every location in between, being able to simply rewind a video in order to find a missing loved one is extremely helpful.

The technology for this would create jobs for unemployed citizens because the surveillance system requires 24/7 monitoring over a large surface area. Each square mile could be a way for someone ...

Residential fires represented approximately 85 percent of all fire deaths and 77 percent of injuries in 2009. Between 2000 and 2009, an average of 2,919 civilians lost their lives annually as the result of residential structure fires, which include one and two-family dwellings, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, boarding houses, etc. In the event of a fire, time is the biggest enemy and every second counts! Escape plans help you get out quickly. In less than 30 seconds, a small flame can get out of control and turn into a major fire. It only takes minutes for a house to fill with thick black smoke, and become engulfed in flames. (Source http://www.firesafety.gov). The greatest obstacle in a speedy escape, especially ...

THINSIA Research

The Heartbeat-ID scanner measures your heart signals contactless at your wrist. These signals are compared to a special pattern on your chip card. When there is a match you will be authenticated to a system.

In this way the Heartbeat-ID scanner is used as a biometric device. Two differences with other biometric methods are that you do not need an extra life-measurement and you cannot fraud.

Every human being has a unique Heartbeat-ID. This is independent of the frequency of the beating ...

Land mines are often used to secure some area or to stop hostile soldiers. The standard explosive way of their use kills or harms people. It is not necessary anymore. It is long ago observed that vibrated sand behaves like fluid. And that is the essence of my innovation - an army can make vibrational mine fields. Enemy forces can sink in sand making them useless in battle but without killing people.

How it works:
* The source of energy will be highly compressed CO2.
* The central turbine powered by CO2 charge rotates unbalanced weights - that causes vibrations.

Construction is simple and can be cheaply and ...

Nitrogen Release Capsule

NRC is a new concept to aid humanity in reducing or totally wiping out the threat of the devastation caused by a hurricane.

Hurricanes increase in strength with tempatures above 85 degrees and decrease below 85.
Hurricanes will usually draw air from the five o clock area.
Liquid Nitrogen is -200 degrees below 0.
The Nitrogen will break down into the air as an enrichment to air quality.

Lower the tempature of the air, decrease the strength of the hurricane.

Three capsules with fifty to ten thousand pounds of Liquid Nitrogen (depending on the hurricane size) are dropped over a hurricane with two parachutes attached in the five o clock area of ...

Real-live problems
Every day, roadside bombs happen everywhere around the world: Thailand, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. Last Memorial Day weekend (June 30, 2011), America lost nine heroes to an improvised explosive (IED) devices in Afghanistan. IEDs are homemade bombs made from anything that contains explosives and are designed to explode when detonated. June 27, 2011 – Two separate roadside bomb blasts killed seven Afghan civilians in eastern Afghanistan. June 24, 2011 - PATTANI, Thailand — Three hidden roadside bombs killed two people and wounded 13 others in southern Thailand, and police believe Islamist militants were responsible. June 21, 2011 – Somalia’s capital, four civilians died and seven others were wounded after their car was hit by a roadside bomb.

We ...

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