Safety and Security

Yearly we watch helplessly as the Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio River valleys and their tributaries display the enormous power of water by flooding…destroying lives and property. We, as taxpayers, spend millions and billions of dollars every year doing clean up and rebuilding to see a reoccurrences in following years.

When sound and muzzle flash are not an option. This invention helps to keep our soldiers at war safer.

With the Vacuum/Suppressor in place, the pressurized gas behind the bullet has a vacuum chamber space to expand into,

Robot Lazarus. Designed with emergency services in mind, this is the second prototype, the final system is to be ruggedized for emergency services and wiil include the ability to operate in hot, cold, wet, toxic and dirty environments.

Current onboard systems include a video transmitter,

Rocker Lowrise Earthquake Proof Building utilizes the principle at operation in a toy weeble. The build is designed to withstand the most severe earthquakes since it cannot fall over, since as the earthquake hits it will rock back and assume the upright position after the earthquake has passed underneath.

I will try to add a drawing I made several years ago, but this conceptual design is easy to visualize.

Basically this is a rocket launch double escape system conceptual design. The double escape system may also be used for re-entry.

The Mercury, Gemini,

Endangering the world, nuclear power generation’s vulnerability to natural elements is now so visible in Fukushima, Japan. Yet, for more than 50 years the US Navy has operated safely nuclear submarines. While nuclear submarines have been lost at sea, no one of ours has ever contaminated the environment.

This improved outlet design requires simultaneous insertion of the hot and neutral plug tangs to energize the outlet. Single items inserted into a single opening, or multiple items inserted at different times will not energize the outlet.

Safety tape will allow retailers to reduce or even eliminate the use of box cutters which will reduce injuries. It will also increase speed of opening boxes.Thus reducing insurance costs by reducing injuries and increasing productivity.

Use a thermal imaging camera and software to detect when your hand is too close to a saw blade and shut down the saw. This could work for any dangerous tool or equipment. Setup would be simple: plug the equipment into a control box,

A Gaff, a hook used to land fish from a boat, has a sharp point. That point causes injuries because it is always open. The Safety Gaff eliminates that danger because the point of the hook is out of harms way by being hidden within the handle.

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