Safety and Security

Spi-rella is a tent compatible with all terrains. The design, inspired by the anatomy of a spider and the function of an umbrella, was made in the light of difficulties faced in re-locating thousands of people affected by the 2010 floods in Pakistan.

This is a sonic device that creates a standing wave field in any type of semi reflective space. It can be instrumented to turn into an intrusion detection system. Working prototypes have been built.

When a tone is played in a room, it fills up with standing waves.

SunMod Villages consist of 900-1300 S.F. turnkey, LEED standard, multi-use, self-sustainable, energy and satellite based telecommunications (and ISP) equipped, modular, portable community, residential, commercial and industrial buildings with hydrogen cell backup and local grid. SunMods are self-contained with all power, electrical connections, telecommunications,

News: "Officer Dragged to His Death...Traffic Stop: Pinned beneath vehicle operated by unlicensed 15-year-old." The Province, June 29, 2011

Traditionally a license is issued for operation of a particular vehicle. Disadvantages include that there is no way to know who is driving a particular vehicle. Therefore,

Tethered Lifeline Support registry system provides history timelines wherein a person’s name and address is connected to a confidential informal correspondence-communications in the form of an e-mail, tweet, text, or phone call sent from a female or male,

This revolutionary, continuously spinning, 360 degree panoramic, holographic,

The SCOUT (friendly fire notification device)
Safety and Security Device
Concept and design by Warren W. Crowell

This invention/design idea solves several problems where notification, location and identification is pertinent and crucial.

The potential benefits of this device are that it provides an immediate, battery powered,


My idea is simple.

1. Problem the Design Solves: Extremely dangerous and disruptive tornadoes result in hundreds of deaths and injuries, destruction of homes and businesses, and financial and personal losses in millions in the U.S. alone. There is NO current solution to this severe problem!!!

This solution is novel!

Today, there are no physical or virtual boundaries to prevent intruders from gaining access to any sensitive data include Biometric data in free space, private sector, or government storage areas. The reason for using Biometric is to bridge the verification gap between human and machines.

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