Safety and Security

Spi-rella is a tent compatible with all terrains. The design, inspired by the anatomy of a spider and the function of an umbrella, was made in the light of difficulties faced in re-locating thousands of people affected by the 2010 floods in Pakistan.

The structure of a spi-rella comprises a spider frame and canvas covering. The canvas sheet is attached to the frame by means of hooks and ropes. The part of the frame that stays above the ground is made of bamboo, while the base is made of a steel structure fixed with a contracted internal steel spring. The joints connected the frame to the pillar are tailor-made, the material being aluminum.

Ease and fast pace of deployment ...

This is a sonic device that creates a standing wave field in any type of semi reflective space. It can be instrumented to turn into an intrusion detection system. Working prototypes have been built.

When a tone is played in a room, it fills up with standing waves. If a person, sitting in the room, moves their head or a sound meter around. They hear or measure variations in the sound level in the standing wave pattern. If someone else moves in the standing wave field, the pattern of the field changes and the stationary listener or sound meter will again detect changes in loudness or phase.

A typical low frequency wavelength for human detection is 4 feet, 282 ...

SunMod Villages consist of 900-1300 S.F. turnkey, LEED standard, multi-use, self-sustainable, energy and satellite based telecommunications (and ISP) equipped, modular, portable community, residential, commercial and industrial buildings with hydrogen cell backup and local grid. SunMods are self-contained with all power, electrical connections, telecommunications, digital and plumbing installed and sealed at the factory. Similarly residential units include built-ins to ensure code compliance.

The multi-use community center is equipped with the latest in computing and communication technologies to provide distance education, economic development (jobs and training) and business development and agricultural support, local medical care. Powered by integrated renewable energy systems, including solar and small wind (depending upon site) with hydrogen cell power storage (and hence, potable water and hydrogen), the ...

News: "Officer Dragged to His Death...Traffic Stop: Pinned beneath vehicle operated by unlicensed 15-year-old." The Province, June 29, 2011

Traditionally a license is issued for operation of a particular vehicle. Disadvantages include that there is no way to know who is driving a particular vehicle. Therefore, if an owner lends her vehicle to a friend, external observers cannot know anything about the particulars of the driver of the vehicle. Secondly, if a vehicle is stolen, there is no way for observers to know the facts about a particular driver simply by observing the vehicle.

With the advent of modern microprocessors, digital electronics and LED display technologies, it is now possible to develop a radically new approach to driving licensing. ...

Tethered Lifeline Support registry system provides history timelines wherein a person’s name and address is connected to a confidential informal correspondence-communications in the form of an e-mail, tweet, text, or phone call sent from a female or male, child or adult for improved safety with mental and physical security in fluid world environments. In recent years especially women have been reported missing and the registry system allows for informal descriptive communicated information such as who the new person or date is including person’s description, estimated time leaving dormitory, the new date’s meeting place, whether an overnight stay, weekend rendezvous, vacationing, or going away for any length of time alone, with someone-whom, or to a person or people known or ...

This revolutionary, continuously spinning, 360 degree panoramic, holographic, remotely controlled zoom camera achieves its real time 360 degree omni-directional panoramic stereo color (or stereo color-infrared ) real time images via the use of a set of precisely-aligned “Synchronously-Rotating Linear Triplex Lenses” (Patents Pending) and a matched and aligned set of linear CCD sensors.

The conceptual design: (Fig 1) used 3 sets of equiangular rotating Linear Triplex lenses mounted on the outside of a 14” diameter, 2 piece, injection-molded, spin-balanced plastic cylindrical case that rotates (at 24 selectable speeds from 300 to 1500 rpm) congruently with the enclosed linear sensor array (totaling 9 precisely aligned lenses) and 3 synchronously rotating and precision-aligned remotely adjustable vertical linear CCD sensors tuned to ...

The SCOUT (friendly fire notification device)
Safety and Security Device
Concept and design by Warren W. Crowell

This invention/design idea solves several problems where notification, location and identification is pertinent and crucial.

The potential benefits of this device are that it provides an immediate, battery powered, communicative locating and identification system.

This device improves the conditions in which human life can be identified within obstructed or chaotic situations such as battle-zone combat, game hunting, fire fighting or wherever there’s a need for personnel identification. Currently, to my research knowledge, there is no such like device in use, commercially, militarily, or otherwise.

This idea can be applied within the law enforcement agencies, fire fighting, ...


My idea is simple.

Hijackers take control of airplanes by forcing their way into the cockpits by physical means or threatening to kill passengers or crew if the crew does not unlock the door between the passenger cabin and the cockpit.

Take away the door between the cabin and the cockpit and that takes away completely the threat of hijackers taking over control of the plane by force or coersion.

If they can't get into the cockpit...they cannot take over the control of the plane.

Yes, they can still blow up a plane if they can get bombs past security, but they cannot hijack the plane.

This idea was turned ...

1. Problem the Design Solves: Extremely dangerous and disruptive tornadoes result in hundreds of deaths and injuries, destruction of homes and businesses, and financial and personal losses in millions in the U.S. alone. There is NO current solution to this severe problem!!!

This solution is novel! Two technical advances- technological DOTS- over the years when applied together as “system” provide a solution:

DOT 1- Continuing advances in Doppler Radar/PAR, both in severe weather interpretation and in geographical coverage provides identification of potential
tornadoes—the “hook echo” on the radar screen;
DOT 2- Progress in development and application of the Vortex Ring by which substantial energy can be transmitted thru a fluid (air) over a distance without loss of energy.

The ...

Today, there are no physical or virtual boundaries to prevent intruders from gaining access to any sensitive data include Biometric data in free space, private sector, or government storage areas. The reason for using Biometric is to bridge the verification gap between human and machines. The latest cyberattacks proves: “One Time Password” (SecurID) has failed to protect faked access. Significant federal sites with RSA protection got breached. Biometric storing method, is defining the conditions for individual identification by storing his indefeasible characteristics in national/governmental/private databases also means specifying the characteristics that distinguish or identify the actual identity of a person, instead of using it for authentication, without the need to store it anywhere, to avoid the obvious potential to ...

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