Safety and Security

OverGuard-1 is an electronic laser detection fence for National Security.

In the past, over 13 million illigal entries have occurred acrossed our nations borders, and the United States Government is spending billions of dollars to install metal fencing that spans hundreds of miles to secure our boarders,

In this Space Age, satellites have become an important resource for every country. The designing, building, and launching of satellites have become a challenging process that involves high costs.

Police support robots are critical life saving tools for officers in the field. Unfortunately, the high cost of such devices prevents many security forces from obtaining them. In addition, police officers typically don’t have the expertise to repair broken robots,

Original Concept by Dr. Kuang Y. Wu
Art and Design by Kimberly Tsai

After the wake of the tsunami and hurricane natural disasters, my uncle Kuang Wu presented to me an idea to help save lives in such situations.

The Trekr Dodeca Shelter© is a design for a dome structure that is strong, poses less wind resistance to a comparable flat-sided structure, and can be easily transported and erected. It is similar in design to a geodesic dome or a low-order tessellated sphere,

In the last five years we have seen new technology come on the scene touted as a revolution in security. This new technology can peer through our clothing for contraband (Guns, Knives, and Explosives etc).

Earthquakes kill. Existing methods of forecasting or predicting earthquakes are very long-term (years) and very inaccurate or very short term (seconds).

Greetings, my name is David Carr and this entry concerns a possible improvement on the rail-gun projectile. One of the main problems with rail-guns is rail erosion caused by the friction generated by the extreme speeds of the projectile. Using a Graphite sabot should greatly reduce,

An upside-down approach to railway safety.

The modern technology allows development of systems of great complexity and power to manage the railway traffic on wide areas. Despite that, human error is still of great impact in the occurrence of accidents.

Modern railways have benefit of very expensive systems.

The number of deaths and serious injuries to military personnel from IEDs accentuates the need to develop remote methods of clearance. This invention uses remote clearance over a 100 metre range using surface seismic Rayleigh waves,

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