Safety and Security

All corporations, and individuals, suffer from an every-increasing onslaught of security threats. Especially in the government and in large corporations, there is always the risk of somebody sitting on your chair over the weekend or at 3 AM,

Cargo theft in the United States has reached gigantic proportions. Trailer and/or commodity theft by deception is not uncommon, and a disturbing number of those thefts (40% by some estimates) involve driver and warehouse personnel complicity.

This patented system consists of a communications terminal, located in the truck,

SSPAA (Security system and post-accident analyzer)
A system which will take care of security needs and provide critical/predictive information on accidents.


With present vehicle horns when we press the button (switch) it gives sound which pollutes our surrounding area. Mostly vehicle horns are used when a driver wants to overtake the other vehicle or if some person etc.

The proposed design will prevent and reduce injuries and destruction in road accidents in specific locations and settings. It will also help in improving public safety and security in road accidents. It may also lead to other product development if ICT and advanced materials are incorporated.

These cams communicate among themselves!

If a motion is detected by a cam, it alerts all the other cams about it. If the intruder takes a diversion,

Valve boxes and covers, as currently used, are a cost center and allow for security and safety vulnerabilities.

I designed this flexible solar film powered highway safety cone add-on with form, fit, and function in mind. In order to be useful, it must conform to present use of safety cones. They're thrown out of trucks, stacked on top of each other on a rod support,

Space Rover (sometimes referred to as a Spacebot Cowboy)

Recently while listening to news describing how space junk was threatening the Space Station I thought of how I used to use an R/C power boat to corral balls that had gone into the water while playing beach volleyball.


The Inflatable Spherical Survival Container is specifically engineered for a wide range of life saving applications. The use of this invention is to protect the occupants from drowning, exposure to the elements, and being injured from flying and floating debris.

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