Safety and Security

Description: A small unit that runs ahead of a train to monitor the tracks for track damage or danger.

This unit would run far enough in front of the train to alert the train of any danger and allow it to stop.

The “Track Runner” would be equipped with a camera and sensors in the wheels to detect problems and others sensors that would inspect the track condition. It would be a great device to detect terror attacks.

The “Track Runner” could also alert the train of any crossings problems. This would provide a greater degree of protection for the rail system.

The “Track Runner” could be powered by electric or a small diesel engine.

Equipment aboard ...

The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed and stressed using Aerospace Engineering methods of analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more. The capsule resides on a stand beside the residence covered by a shroud colored to suit the environment. A bright color is used to aid recovery. The function of the capsule is to ride the Tsunami, rather than run from it.

The capsule is highly manufacturable. It can be fabricated from 80% recycled materials, such as aluminum and plastic. Injection molding and hydro forming fabrication will help reduce joints, fabrication time and cost. The joints would ...

With the United States Rain Force we can put an end to out of control forest and grass fires. This is a force of 100 or more purpose built airplanes that can dump 17 tons of water every 20 seconds on or in front of the fire line in a highly synchronized multiple water drops effort. With the U.S. Rain Force on the job this water bombing effort would remain in effect till the fire is out enough for ground crews to mop up. The purpose built airplanes will be able to scoop up water from a near by ocean, lake, or river due to its ability to land and take off at 45 miles per hour. This is ...

It becomes a graver problem many times for the elderly that they may suffer a heart attack while walking or doing any physically strenuous work. The age they attain normally leaves them incapable of coping with their surroundings. In many countries, during festivals like New Year’s Day, even lighting firecrackers jeopardizes their bodily conditions. In such a case, if they do not get quick access to a medical facility, then it may be even possibly result in death.

Our device, Voice Operated Distance Emergency Informer (abbreviated as VOX-DEI) almost completely guarantee a total removal of problem, in brief we can prevent casualties. The basic VOX-DEI system consists of six main components. Four of them are the circuits for smooth functioning ...

Water Check is a miniaturized and low cost electronic sensor that provides continuous and real-time information about the quality of tap water. Although water is carefully monitored in main urban treatment plants, currently there is no continuous monitoring of the quality of tap water flowing at the very end of the distribution network, in every house, at every tap, just before we fill our glass. An alarm is immediately activated by Water Check in case water is polluted and not drinkable. Even in developed countries, there is high risk of accidental or intentional water contamination in urban pipes, forcing several families to buy bottled mineral water instead of drinking tap water (that is usually of good quality and much ...

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