Safety and Security

Description: A small unit that runs ahead of a train to monitor the tracks for track damage or danger.

This unit would run far enough in front of the train to alert the train of any danger and allow it to stop.

The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed and stressed using Aerospace Engineering methods of analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more.

With the United States Rain Force we can put an end to out of control forest and grass fires.

It becomes a graver problem many times for the elderly that they may suffer a heart attack while walking or doing any physically strenuous work. The age they attain normally leaves them incapable of coping with their surroundings. In many countries, during festivals like New Year’s Day,

Water Check is a miniaturized and low cost electronic sensor that provides continuous and real-time information about the quality of tap water. Although water is carefully monitored in main urban treatment plants,

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