Safety and Security

The present configuration of traffic lights represents a very real hazard to pedestrians as the entire traffic light setup is totally configured for auto traffic and absolutely no regard is given to pedestrian safety.

InvisiTower is a persistent, rapidly deployable aerial platform for surveillance and communications. It consists of a small unmanned aerial vehicle that is connected by a tether to a power source on the ground. The platform can remain aloft and stationary indefinitely, carrying a payload of cameras, sensors,

For a young person to obtain a driver’s license, many states require that the applicant participate in a driver’s education course that lets the applicant drive with an instructor in a specially designed vehicle.

In the last ten years, atmospheric phenomena have increased exponentially, and with it thousands of lives and infrastructure have been affected. Over 30 billions dollars in losses and over 500 deaths are reported so far this year in the United States alone. The situation becomes worse in developing countries.

What with this Hydrogen production and use, its all very well having no fuel bills to worry about, Hyperspace travel (does anyone know how to steer in hyperspace under rocket power?) and saving the Earth as we go about it, but as we all know, Hydrogen is dangerous stuff.

AIRi: Bluetooth Video and Picture Camera for Mobile Security

The AIRi (air-eye) is a Bluetooth® video and picture camera.

Every year thousands of fishermen/people die in sea because either they are lost or stuck in the middle of nowhere after hitting a sea storm.

The idea is to have multiple floating drums in sea, communicating with each other and helping lost/stuck people.

The Magnetic Funnel Assistant

Has this ever happened to you?

You run out of gas and need to pour a gallon or two into your tank from an auxiliary gas-can so you can make it to the station?

Objective: To secure the top confidential and classified business documents. To provide maximum mixed mode security to the data shared with multiple users keeping security, privacy and accountability intact.

The Need of the time: Mr. James, Mr.

Oil Spill Containment Device

Safety and Security

Technical Abstract

Brief Description of Technology:
An underwater robot places a rubber bladder reinforced with nylon netting into the broken pipe and air is pumped in from a surface vessel, inflating the bladder and sealing off the oil flow.

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