Sustainable Technologies

Creating a cleaner, healthier, safer world where you may never have to buy gasoline or diesel fuel again, where you could get a check from the electric company instead of a bill and where nuclear power will be unnecessary. Sustainable economies without pain or sacrifice.

Our patent application has been published, so we can now reveal why the Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) from Massive Nibble™ is better than all other engines and how it will change the world. The ZPE™ can help end concerns about global warming and help solve most of the world's energy, water, fuel and pollution problems, while helping create jobs and boosting the money supply by reducing oil imports.

The ZPE™ is heated externally, so ...

Change in the cell and tissue structure of a Zinc/Copper Potato Cell by means of boiling and irreversible electroporation was found to increase the power generated by the cell[1]. This breakthrough is important in the field of reversible and sustainable energy and more importantly for disadvantage communities who lack the necessary
resources to produce electricity.

Tests that were conducted demonstrated that treated potatoes had a higher voltage and current than untreated potatoes [1]. Which can be related to the impedance created by the KCL salt bridge made of Zinc, Copper, electrolysis and potato tissue, which is the dominating factor in how much energy the different treated potatoes produced. The electrical energy generated was directly linked to the destruction of ...

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