Sustainable Technologies

Balloon materials used, like nylon or dacron, withstand great amounts of heat, and a material of this nature that is clear and magnifies heat, could allow UAV water purification and distillation within the balloon envelope, much like a solar still.

The system shown here is miniature Gas Micro Turbines with target peak output of 10 KW, employing an unusual CPC tubular Collector as the heat source and Sodium Nitrate as the heat sink which is used later as heat recovery during no radiation condition to provide consistent electric flow.

Solstore is a low cost eco friendly solar water heater cum storage system.

Solar water heaters are relatively low-tech systems, which have been unnecessarily enhanced with space age coatings, use expensive, scarce materials and consume considerable power in fabrication thereby increasing the cost.

A Greek Laboratory, highly specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed an Innovative Transmission Mechanism with many significant applications.

This Transmission Mechanism (DOT: Distributive Oscillating Transmission) interconnects, in the most effective way, a plurality of Elements with a main Shaft,

Around the world, water shortage is increasing in severity. Many large population areas are located close to seas and oceans. This invention utilizes solar energy to distill water from sea water or even brackish and dirty water sources, such as polluted rivers and lakes.

There are a lot of old buildings out there that waste a lot of energy. My idea for creating jobs is to insulate them to levels previously unheard of. The concept is to use vacuum insulation panels (VIP) instead of traditional insulators like foam, fiberglass batts, and the like.

Globally, more than 3 billion people depend on biomass to meet their basic energy needs for cooking, boiling water, lighting, and space-heating. The use of these solid fuels on open ?res or inef?cient stoves results in large amounts of a range of health-damaging pollutants,

"Synergistic Magnetic Drive System"
Inventor: Dr. Thomas P. Walker, Jr of Bogosh Walker Technologies
Electronics Engineer: Francis Flexer, Jr
Fabrication Engineer: Brian Dougherty


To cause movement of a cylinder containing Neodymium Magnets in a configuration,

A 1350 MWe saturated steam Turbine-Generator power plant utilizing the naturally occurring heat generated from the Earth can be built with existing hardware. It will consist of a tunnel to access the Earth’s heat and a standard power plant on the surface to produce electricity.

The combined turbine is in 3 times more effective than the already existing. This effect is reached by that, between vertical blades of the turbine horizontal propellers are located (free or rigidly), which force air into the space between blades.

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