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This invention pertains to the Automotive Engineering and Green Technologies.

Today, oil accounts for 96% of the fuel that powers our country's vehicular fleets. The old polluting conventional internal combustion piston engines in our cars work by burning gas and creating an explosion that forces the pistons down, consequently, emitting over a billion tons of Co2 into our atmosphere. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide emissions a health hazard. That is why it is essential we find solutions to the noise, pollution, and health hazard caused by the conventional internal combustion piston engine.To that end, I have invented the Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine, (hereto forth called MRPE), to substitute the internal combustion piston engine.

With the MRPE, ...

The Sun would be sufficient to supply all of our energy needs, but solar energy is not available during the nighttime and on cloudy days. That is why it would be advantageous to convert solar energy into storable and transportable chemical fuels. Global reserves of oil and natural gas are decreasing so it is another reason why the energy conversion is necessary. Recent oil price increases have led to considerable interest in making synthetic fuels.

Basic principle of the system is shown in Fig. 1. Concave mirror (parabolic reflector, in the figure represented as heat) which turns so as to keep reflecting sunlight toward a receiver (1) positioned at the reflector's focal point. The receiver consists of steam generator ...

Main Idea:
I just wonder that the huge weight of trucks or cars should be somehow utilized to generate energy. My main idea is to make small air bags of some flexible material or kind of small pockets filled with air, on the periphery of the tyre. During the rotation of the wheel, when these bags will get in between the tyre and the ground, they will get compressed as the wheel continues to rotate. The compressed air from each bag should be collected through a duct and micro turbine should be placed in front of that duct to generate electricity. The battery of the vehicle could be charged with this electricity or perhaps the energy could be stored ...

Mountains are impediments to wind flow, so redirected wind gains velocity as it is forced to follow the contour of the mountain. Thermal updrafts from the sun-heated valley below, follow the same contour. Experiment and accident have revealed that thermal updrafts and winds at mountain-top level are not always present at the surface, but are redirected against a comparatively static cushion of air; thus they are more common and continuous than is generally realized. These updrafts are powerful, unseen and are largely untapped. Nevertheless for this project to be successful, it will have to be properly sited following actual wind measurements taken, notably well above the surface.

I propose to gather and to directly store wind energy in the ...

Here is a process that helps reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources using an environmentally friendly cooking process.


* Frozen pizza has a long baking time in a conventional oven

* Uncooked part is always around the center

* Pointy end with cheese is sticky

* difficult to cut
* difficult to serve
* difficult to hold
* difficult to eat


* Baking time acceleration of up to 50%


* Introducing the "Coreless Pizza"!

* significant form factor innovation
* as significant as the pocket pizza which does not taste good
* unique design poses great marketing advantage

* Dimensions

* hole diameter of 3" (76 mm) is the size of a hockey puck
* ...

Since the mid-1990s, electronic waste has been recognized as the fastest-growing component of the solid-waste stream as small consumer electronic products such as cellular phones have become ubiquitous in developed and developing countries. In the United States alone, consumers annually throw away about 47 million computers and over 100 million cell phones, and these products are discarded without much concern for their adverse impacts on the environment and public health. Due to a lack of cost-effective recycling methods much of the electronic waste from the United States and other developed economies is regularly shipped to countries with less stringent environmental regulations where it is often processed in ways that lead to the toxification of the environment.

The concept presented ...

A battery power handheld portable secure data-information audio-video playback bookwork monitor tool, USB cord, desktop PC, main computers and satellite combination and method for making life work simpler while fast forwarding developing technology advance utility for displaying electronic data-information that will replace today’s text printed on paper in a book, technical diagrams, technical and procedures manuals, publications and guidelines; accordingly, novel renderings envelop military and commercial-consumer marketing and commercialization strategies for impacting worldwide paperless long term monetary and environmental savings for stimulating the economy by creating new jobs and proofing business development goals.

It is to be understood this innovation is not limited to the exact construction method as illustrated and described, but that added changes and modifications may ...

884 million people lack access to safe water supply. This is approximately one in eight people. Half of the world's hospitalizations are due to water-related diseases. 3.575 million people die each year from water related disease. Water also leads to other problems in sanitation, economics and overall quality of life.

Even though the world is abundant in water, only 1% of water is drinkable. In addition, the percentage of safe drinkable water is constantly decreasing, due to pollution. Most of the water on this planet is ocean water and is undrinkable. There are various ways to increase the percentage of drinking water, yet many of the ways are not economical. One economical way to increase drinkable water supply ...

In Ocean Algal Afforestation (OAA), a macro-algae forest (such as kelp, but any biomass will work) is grown on the ocean surface. Carefully managed harvesting allows the forest to grow to support a complete natural ecosystem with diverse and edible sea life. The harvested biomass is anaerobically digested by naturally occurring bacteria to produce CH4, CO2, plus the remainder, which comprises the nutrients needed to grow more macro-algae. Ocean conditions allow the separation of the CH4, CO2, and nutrients from each other without energy. The nutrients (including ammonia and essential minerals) are distributed to manage the forest growth as a sustainable ecosystem.

While ocean conditions would allow the production of 90% pure CH4, we can adjust the process to ...

In the recent times, the furnace industries are facing a major challenge in continuously reducing environmental emissions while improving the overall performance of the combustion process. A crucible furnace is no longer an exception to this rule. Due to the large scarcity and other technological reasons most of the furnaces are oil fired furnaces in the developing nations. The challenges encountered for the thermal industries are various. Heating the stock may be the crucial factor in the production line, stronger environmental targets and additional energy savings may be needed. In this process researchers have started emphasizing on two particular areas .One is innovation of newer alternative fuels which are clean form emissions and are abundant in nature. The other research ...

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