Sustainable Technologies

TRANSPORTING without ACCIDENTS or ENERGY at just a few percent of today’s cost.

• Profitably occupying the idled work force
• Returning that lost economy
• In an unprecedented efficiency of TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES

All in a practical application of reliably known abilities. Whose manner in form and processes are ECOLOGICALLY & ENVIRONMENTALLY sound.

The Integrated Distribution System is a developing concept which is exploring the feasibility of providing a common network of connected structures in which a host of distribution processes (various transport, utility, and communications, etc.) may then become accomplished in the security of a precisely controlled environment, which effectively opens these processes up to reliably begin utilizing the greater advantages of existing and future ...

The proposal is the teamwork of Mr. Wayne D. Pickette and Ms. Anna V. Epelbaum with already pending in the US Patent Office since 2008 Flying Dynamo patent application # 11936761.

This style small vane vertical windmill with an internal sail and infinite vane adjustment is presented by three sets of vanes, allowing for gusty or steady winds with nearly instant adjustments to wind variances. In vertical windmill inertia effects to smooth out wind variances and within the additional while the small footprint allows placement of these windmills on buildings, walls, posts in back yards, etc. The design may be scaled to any reasonable size. Although, with cost savings it would seem that an army of small generators may ...

Intelligent self-sustaining passive greenhouses are the greenhouses of the future!

Problems my greenhouse can solve:

- Improving quality of life
- Ending hunger and malnutrition
- Ensuring environmental sustainability
- Reducing consumption of natural resources

With building intelligent self-sustaining passive greenhouses we can have a constant and reliable source of inexpensive but qualitative organic food with very good nutritional characteristics, without the need of using chemicals to protect the vegetables and plants from different threats.

Besides that, such an intelligent self-sustaining passive greenhouse provides a closed controlled environment where all the environmental parameters are automatically maintained at levels that are user presetable. This way the greenhouse can be used to recreate the specific suitable environment for different rare plant ...

If ethanol and other bio-fuel production is necessary plus, it can be made economically viable, then is switchgrass a better choice than corn.
Can a win-win situation be generated by private companies gaining the use of the medians and shoulders of the many 1,000's of miles of the Interstate and Primary highway system throughout the USA to grow the switchgrass. A.) the harvesting would ubiquitous rather than regional, B.) it could be used as an alternative to the current taxpayer funded maintenance of these areas and C.) prime farm ground can, once again, be used to grow corn and other feed grains for food uses.
• switchgrass requires little to no fertilizer
• any fertilizer ...

IPv4 can go on!

Is IPv4 exhausted?

The current model of address allocation is over, of course, but the IPv4 can go on into another simple schema which can be applied on IPv4 addressing model!

The Figure 1 shows a schema with a unique Main Network address space and multiple independent areas each having an independent address space.

Each independent area can have another topology of network.
The transmission of data between different areas will be made only through the Main Network. Inside any independent area the transmission is between an IPv4, as a source address, and another IPv4, as a destination address.

The Figure 2 shows a detailed link between two terminal points (end-users) in a transmission in ...


Invented by Peter Landin. It has only three moving parts, and may be the engine of the future. The moving parts: a rotor (in blue), an orbital swivel valve (in red), and a stationary swivel valve (in yellow), form a variable combustion chamber. As this chamber increases its capacity, it generates a vacuum and suctions a mass of air through the intake check valve. Direct injected fuel mixes with this air mass to form a combustible atmosphere. When ignited, the combustion closes the intake check valve instantaneously and forces the orbital swivel valve and rotor to rotate as one piece, transferring a high-power, high-torque rotation. This unique design allows heat dissipation through an aluminum jacket that ...

Every year millions of people rake their yards each fall; and when finished have piles and piles of leaves that they send to a landfil or that they burn. This is wastefull and unhealthy if burned. My solution is to use the unwanted leaves as a building material. This could be done the same way as they do when particle board or oriented strand board is made. First the leaves would be collected (free material!) and brought to a processing plant where they would be unloaded onto a large conveyor, dried; then shaken to orient them to a uniform width and height. Resin would then be applied and towards the end of the process it would reach a cutter ...

The Lunera 6460 SERIES is an ultra thin, suspended, linear direct/indirect LED luminaire for office, institutional, retail, and other commercial applications. The suspended four foot long fixture, which can be joined into dramatic continuous runs, distributes light 70% direct (down) and 30% indirect (up). Using a only 45 to 47 watts of energy depending on CCT, the dimmable, blade-like fixture fills a space with quality light, making it a highly efficient, sustainably designed, alternative to standard fluorescent fixtures.

At 1.17” thin, the sleek direct/indirect design of the 6460 SERIES allows the luminaire to be suspended from 12 to 18 inches below the ceiling without creating hotspots or glare. The fully recyclable, luminaire is available in three color temperatures of ...

M-Fuel is a post refinery fuel technology that processes hydrocarbon-based, heavy oils (HFO) (kerosene, diesel and bunker) in a proprietary, patent applied for device that employs an electro-mechanical means to generate an H2O emulsion in sub-micron fuel particles. Emulsions are dispersions of two or more immiscible liquids. The described conditioned hydrocarbon-based fuel exhibits improved performance, handling and storage characteristics. The resulting conditioned hydrocarbon-based fuel has a volume greater than the unmodified hydrocarbon-based fuel, BTU content in real-world applications greater than the BTU content of the unmodified hydrocarbon-based fuel, based on volume, less particulate emissions and less non-particulate emissions than the unmodified hydrocarbon-based fuel.

The technology generates micro bubbles of fuel with a diameter less than .5 microns and water. ...

Due to incomplete combustion of carbonaceous fuel, internal combustion engines emit air pollutants, called particular matter. These products of the combustion process contain carbon dioxide, sulfur, soot, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. Al of which has an effect on respiratory health in both humans and animals. Cases of lung cancer, asthma, premature death, and other cardiovascular issues are a result of inhalation of such particulate matter. Small amounts of fuel that has not been consumed will react to also form a byproduct of oxygenates, such as formaldehyde or acetaldehydes. Such products formed in the exhaust system from incomplete combustion contain sulfur impurities in carbon fuels, which leads the production of sulfur monoxides and dioxides, a leading cause of acid rain. ...

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