Sustainable Technologies

TRANSPORTING without ACCIDENTS or ENERGY at just a few percent of today’s cost.

• Profitably occupying the idled work force
• Returning that lost economy
• In an unprecedented efficiency of TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES

All in a practical application of reliably known abilities.

The proposal is the teamwork of Mr. Wayne D. Pickette and Ms. Anna V.

If ethanol and other bio-fuel production is necessary plus, it can be made economically viable, then is switchgrass a better choice than corn.

IPv4 can go on!

Is IPv4 exhausted?

The current model of address allocation is over, of course, but the IPv4 can go on into another simple schema which can be applied on IPv4 addressing model!


Invented by Peter Landin. It has only three moving parts, and may be the engine of the future. The moving parts: a rotor (in blue), an orbital swivel valve (in red), and a stationary swivel valve (in yellow), form a variable combustion chamber.

Every year millions of people rake their yards each fall; and when finished have piles and piles of leaves that they send to a landfil or that they burn. This is wastefull and unhealthy if burned. My solution is to use the unwanted leaves as a building material.

The Lunera 6460 SERIES is an ultra thin, suspended, linear direct/indirect LED luminaire for office, institutional, retail, and other commercial applications. The suspended four foot long fixture, which can be joined into dramatic continuous runs, distributes light 70% direct (down) and 30% indirect (up).

M-Fuel is a post refinery fuel technology that processes hydrocarbon-based, heavy oils (HFO) (kerosene, diesel and bunker) in a proprietary, patent applied for device that employs an electro-mechanical means to generate an H2O emulsion in sub-micron fuel particles.

Due to incomplete combustion of carbonaceous fuel, internal combustion engines emit air pollutants, called particular matter. These products of the combustion process contain carbon dioxide, sulfur, soot, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. Al of which has an effect on respiratory health in both humans and animals. Cases of lung cancer,

This invention pertains to the Automotive Engineering and Green Technologies.

Today, oil accounts for 96% of the fuel that powers our country's vehicular fleets. The old polluting conventional internal combustion piston engines in our cars work by burning gas and creating an explosion that forces the pistons down, consequently,

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