Sustainable Technologies

Rain water conservation method applicable to urban, suburban and rural residences. Water creates an environment for life to happen. Allowing for plants and trees to fruit making nourishment for other organisms. Water can make an environment more pleasing to be in.


The invention comprises an eclectically powered electrical generating power plant having dual rotors driven on a single common shaft.

The combination of adjustment in fuel/air mixtures into a combustion engine wherein a pulsating exhaust flow is directed into a catalytic converter, the harmful emissions into the atmosphere are virtually eliminated.

For a gasoline IC engine,

Around the globe, thousands of people suffer due to pollution of water with metals. The bioavailability of toxic substances dissolved in water used for drinking and food preparation, especially lead or mercury, is in the form of ions.

Our product is an Energy Accumulator, Storage and Rapid Transfer System (ET) that conserves natural resources and improves quality of life. It is an efficient system, proven feasible under a DOE grant with The Florida Solar Energy Center. It sources wind, solar,

The REOSE Solar Panel House is a home that is completely built with steel, structurally insulated solar panels (SSISP). The REOSE SSISP are unique because they are the only structural building material that collects, transfers, stores and converts solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy flows into useful,

Global warming and natural disasters such as floods, droughts, tornadoes, and hurricanes etc. play havoc with food production and thermal stress in plants seriously affects crop yields.

GroDomes....a logical extension of Monolithic Dome Technology....

The RT-SOFC is a room temperature fuel cell in which nano-structured oxides such as YSZ (yttria stabilized zirconia) or SDC (samaria doped ceria) are used as electrolytes. Due to the configuration as concentration cell only water is used and produced during operation of the fuel cell.

We have invented a unique configuration of wind turbines. The construct consists of vertical sails affixed to the periphery of a rotating framework. This framework has wheels at the location of the sails and a pivot point at the center.

A major environmental issue today concerns the effects of automobile pollution and efficiency. Recycling lost energy, increasing fuel economy, and protecting air quality are areas in which a vehicle could be improved. Engine combustion of gasoline creates excess heat energy which the radiator disperses into the atmosphere.

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