Sustainable Technologies

Passive luminescent solar concentrators (LSC) are possible that have high efficacy, long life and low cost. Luminescent solar concentrators consist of a fluorescent dye in a transparent matrix that captures and concentrates light. The most efficiency design is a flat sheet end coupled with what can use the concentrated light.

LSCs can be coupled to photovoltaic (PV) cells to benefit from:
• reducing the cost of a PV power panel by about half
• concentrating sun light 3-30 times before delivering it to a PV cell
• collecting available light and concentrating about 75% of collected light to a PV cell
• collects light independent of the collector’s angle to the sun making this technology favorable for marginal light ...

The Patriot Light is a combination Flagpole Finial and Solar/LED Flag Light. This device was invented to showcase the unique Patent Pending Dome/Lens that effectively harvests low angle sunlight that heretofore would have been wasted. This new optical Dome/Lens increases solar performance by as much as 100% insuring that the Patriot Light is technologically feasible.

The typical solar cell is designed to capture overhead direct sunlight. Generally speaking, the low angle sunlight, (morning and evening) is much more difficult to harvest. Accordingly, the utilization of uniquely designed/engineered Fresnel Lens technology, (Patent Patending).
The Special Dome/Lens may be utilized in an infinite number of applications where increased performance is essential with rigid size/shape constraints limiting the solar cell ...

The idea is to use the technologies that have been overshadowed by economic interests, combined according to circumstances, and obtain energy from minimal or negligible environmental impact and economic sustainable. mainly avoiding intermittent sources. and taking advantage of geothermal energy, electrolysis, and thermodynamics in clusters of production. Also deploy with this, methods of energy produced by humans in the handling of their tools, thus multiplying their capabilities, thus ensuring this way an evolution of man and civilization to the long-term ...

This project is about the conversion of Industrial waste into a useful product-The Plasto-Ash brick. Our township Neyveli has a public sector industry, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited. This industry has two Thermal Power Stations. The coal is burnt in the furnace and water is heated to steaming condition and the steam is used to rotate the generator and the electricity is produced. During the combustion of coal, huge amount of ash gets remained in the form of two, 1.The bottom ash 2.The fly ash. Both the forms, if not properly disposed or recycled will cause serious environmental pollution. There are methods for recycling ash like manufacturing fly ash bricks, fertilizers and manufacture of cement. The application if fly ash ...

This house functions as a power station for energy efficiency and proposes a concept of sustainable development.

On the roof there are windmills and solar panels that supply the home during the day and night.

Several houses like this could form a city-generating electrical energy consumption and save a ...

Portable charger.
Very simple construction.
Easy to assemble and transport.
Simple way to increase productivity up to approximately n times without using expensive additional photovoltaic elements.
n= (d-1 )/ w.
d = diameter of parabolic reflector,
w = width of photovoltaic element

Rotating platform with mechanical or electrical gear to follow the sun's movement.
Chain of flat mirrors.  In a working position they form a parabolic reflector.
Semi-ring holder used for fixing top side of chain of mirrors and top side of a chain of photovoltaic elements.
Chain of photovoltaic element for converting sunlight to electricity.
Every mirror on top and bottom have rods.
Rotating platform and semi-ring holder have holes for mirror rods (or ...

This design is for a portable wind powered generator that can be easily transported and set up in remote areas to provide alternating current via a generator powered by moderate wind velocity and set up with minimum tools and personel.The generator utilizes a circular vertical wind catcher array on top of a modified triangular tower that is commonly used in radio communications and is used on the generator in twenty foot bolt together sections. There is a provision for a bearing assembly on the top tower section and the the base tower section if two sections are used. A single tower section with bearing on both ends is provided for educational applications for the wind generator where size requirements ...

Contaminated stormwater-runoff flows directly into our waterways worldwide.

The solution is our smart precast pervious concrete slabs/tiles/paver construction products -- pollution abatement technology that is environmentally friendly, extremely durable, versatile, cost-effective (30% above normal concrete), and easy to install.

Independent research determined 97.6% to 99% of oils introduced into pervious concrete are trapped and biodegraded.

Our solution: A Game Changer!

As stormwater races across parking lots and other pavements it picks up contaminates on its way to the storm drain. Our technology (lifespan of 15 to 30 years) helps in filtering and recharging local ground water, reducing flow of stormwater to holding ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans and can filter out many contaminates such as oil.

Our products successfully ...

Prefab Solar Wall supplying both home heating and domestic hot water

Replace an exterior wall with one or more solar modules, ready for easy insertion in construction. Transform the external structure, renowned as an energy disperser, in a collection and heat transfer system with a south facade of automatic thermal diodes.
The mechanical resistance characteristics' of the solar module make it earthquake-resistant and ready to be fitted in a designated space to make up part of the structure, designed to measure, with water and power supply connections that immediately allow direct and controlled room heating and simultaneous production of domestic hot water and proper storage.

The 3.0 x 2.0 x 0.4 m prototypes meet the thermal requirements of a ...

• What problem does your design idea solve?
The need for housing around the world to people who have been hit by natural disasters and those who need to improve their quality of life.

• What are the potential benefits?
To improve the live of those who have been hit by natural disasters and be prepared to respond to future disasters

• How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
It's not in the market

• Where would this idea be applied?
Around the world where it's needed (Japan, US, Haiti...)

• What is the market potential?
One for every house

• How does your design work?
It is a series ...

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