Sustainable Technologies

Develop half-size printers for printing documents that do not require standard 8.5x11-inch paper, such as sparsely worded fliers and reduced-size manuscripts. This would not only save paper and toner, but weight in shipping products and documents that currently use standard-size paper.

The Green Exchanger provides a means to recover the heat generated by a clothes dryer for reuse as a supplemental household heating source. This exchanger is the only product to provide the secondary filtration and moisture reduction of the flow to allow for re-use.

The Helio™ solar tracker is a mounting platform for solar cells and other solar collectors to improve their efficiency. A farm of modular Helio solar trackers can be wired together to supply the needs of a house or village.

The primary function is to orientate a solar collector to face the Sun [to be proshelios], with AZIMUTHIAL tracking of 270 Deg and ALTITUDINAL 90 Deg .The concept is based on the idea of combining a signal indicating the direction of the sun rays,

The High Altitude Wind Turbine (HAWT) is a sustainable technology project aimed at providing a rapid-response, deployable source of renewable energy marketed for military applications and disaster relief efforts in “off-grid” areas.

The invention principle of work is based on the quantum mechanics phenomena - electron tunneling through potential barriers. The process is well mathematically modeled by the Fowler-Nordheim formula. It is used for storing of the information in the EEPROM cells,

Featuring a newly-designed renewable energy turbine for use in wind or water.

The B N Balance Energy Solutions turbine is designed for capturing energy from slow moving open-system fluids, such as wind or water, for the production of electricity, pumping or conversion for hydrogen production.

A Home Water Power Station using proven, replicated technologies... Dozens of people have built and shown generators running solely on water as input. The energy is extracted from the Quantum Vacuum, ZPE or ambient, just like the energy that runs your Atoms and Electrons. Have yours ever run down?

Point of use household water treatment system: The system is a practical and effective solution for providing sustained access to safe water in Peru.

The system use biosand filters,

This machine is based off of electrolysis that has been a known format of extracting hydrogen. We know about electrolysis and how it works. The question is have we done all that we can. I propose a different way of thinking about the process.

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